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Is it normal for our 1.5 yo male cat to exhibit mother-like behavior towards our new kitten, grooming, etc?

Is it normal for our 1.5 yo male cat to exhibit mother-like behavior towards our new kitten, grooming, etc? The male kitten keeps trying to lick the big male cat's nipples, and pushing his head against his stomach, like he's trying to drink milk. The adult male cat lets him do this, and keeps licking him all over, especially the kitty's head, while the kitty does this. Isn't it odd for our male cat to act like he's the kitten's mother? The kitten's 12 weeks old, seems a bit old too for that behavior.

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    no its fine. I have a friend who has 3 cats & the oldest "mothers" the other two even though they are not kittens. One of the females has just had kittens & the mother cat allows the other two (who are both males) to come & see what its all about. While the kittens are only a few days old the male cats dont push their luck, but I will be very interested to see how they act when the new babies get a little older. Its lovely behaviour, it shows that your cat is not at all threatened by the kitten & is probably grateful for the new friend :o)

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    No, he's just nurturing. I have a male cat that grooms both of my other cats. He licks them and hugs them, it's cute to watch. As far as the searching for the nipple, that's the younger cats behavior, which should stop as he gets older. Be happy that your two get along, some people have cats and either ignore each other or want to kill each other.

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    I don't think so, at least they get along and aren't fighting or anything. I adopted a kitten but he didn't buddy up with my 6 year old cat till he was about a year old. Both are also male. Now they lick each other and sleep together (sometimes cuddled together, sometimes they kind of spoon). I think it's really sweet and I'm glad they love each other.

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    My friend has a 13 year old cat and when she brought in her kitten, he took to her immediately - grooming her and playing with her - I think you're lucky - too many people have issues trying to get 2 cats to get along

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    Both of my male tabbies do the same thing to my new kittens (one's a boy and one's a girl), and when they were younger, they would do it to one another. It's just a sign of affection and acceptance, but it also lets the kittens know their place. I think it's pretty normal.

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    The kitten is never too old for that behaviour, it is just tenderness. The grown cat's behaviour is a bit unusual, but I have met male cats who are tender to small ones. You are lucky he is one of them.

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    Yes it may sound odd, but your male cat it showing that he approves of the new kitten and just showing that he likes the lille one, I think its lovely

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    The little baby knows its own father!

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