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the ten commandments?

if i have broken eight of the ten commandments, and i am not sorry for it, will i still get into heaven? BTW i'm 16 years old :)


actually the two that i didnt break were:

murder (i bet you dont beleive me :)

and honoring my parents (now i know you dont believe me there:)

Update 2:

chriti@n: oh no no NO dont i dont want to go with you ahhh! ok i'm over it, so where are we going? disney world? :)

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    If my memory serves me well, some of the commandments also happen to be laws. Depending on which ones you have broken, you might end up in jail...

    EDIT: So, you've stolen. That's not legal. Don't worry about the church. Worry about the police... And if I were you I wouldn't go around implying you have stolen. As they say: "You have the right to remain silent..."

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    The breaking of the commandments is not the determining factor here. Most everyone has broken at least one of the commandments at some point in their lives. Breaking one is breaking one too many.

    The determination of your salvation is through Jesus Christ. Not on your ability or inability to keep the commandments. No one except Jesus is perfect. If you are sorry for the things you have done in your life that are displeasing to God (ie:sins) and you come to Christ with a repentant heart (willing to turn away from those sins and not willingly commit them again) and ask his forgivness, you will recieve that forgivness.

    With that forgivness and acknowledment of Christ as your Savior and redeemer, comes salvation. This and this alone is the determining factor of whether you will enter Gods Kingdom.

    God bless you will be keeping you in prayer

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    You're probably not mature enough to be sorry for it yet (some never fully mature)..real maturity is as much knowing "why" we shouldn't do something... as knowing that we shouldn't do it in the first place, even though we may "want" to do it.

    The wages of sin is not just a droll cliche, it's a powerful truth.

    Ever heard the saying "a butterfly flaps it's wings in Central park and causes it to rain in China" ??? There are innumerable "effects" for the "cause" of sin.

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    The only sin that is unforgiveable is blasphemying against the Holy Spirit!! Ha, being 16's hard, eh? I should know coz I am!! But they are all forgiveable!! Oh, the only way you get into Heaven is through Jesus=)

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    James 2:10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of all.

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    The two very most important commandments are

    I am Your God put none before me.

    Love your neighbor.

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    You are 16 years old, and you have so much knowledge already.

    Good for you!

    Walk your path....I have always believed in the wisdom of youth.

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    idk. i've been wondering that for myself. go watch hellraiser II and when the skinned bloody guy writes "help me, im in hell!" on the hospital wall in blood, i bet u'll be sorry :) i was! lol! (God im sorry! i dotn wana go to hell!!!XD!)- yep that was me after watching that.

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    Keep riding on your high horse.

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    You just started a joke...... don't you?

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