If I move to another computer, my World of Warcraft account would still be active there right??

If I install the game on a different computer, will i still be able to play with my existant account?

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    My GF and I play Wow and we both have different computers, as I wourk grave and such when I am sleeping she is usually playing on my computer and when I wake up if she is not at a stopping poitn I will use hers. If the Game itself is fully downloaded, code key and all to a computer ANY player can access their account from that machine

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    YEs of course don't be silly your character will be there if you uninstall from your game because the character is hooked up to a huge network of systems not just the program, the program is just to allow you to get in and play the rest is permanent and part of the system of networks

  • 4 years ago

    i've got accomplished that quite a few circumstances, and confident, it is lots speedier than downloading and setting up the entire concern. the acceptable thank you to try this's to have 2 computers hooked as much as the comparable community, and pass the information that way. it is going to take you perhaps 30 minutes to an hour to get them accomplished that way on a great connection. the different probability is to apply burnable DVD's. Burn all the information to a sparkling DVD and then replica them onto the different notebook. that's in many circumstances extra complicated, although, in view that maximum discs are actually not sufficiently huge to hold all the WoW information and you will could desire to chop up the information up and save song of all of them.

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    1 decade ago

    Of course! I remember a guy in my Guild who had played for almost 2 years and thought if he uninstalled the game it would uninstall his character.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes.... you can play your character on any computer that has the game installed ...that is why you login on the main screen....it then goes to your account have fun :)

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