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What is South African Rugby doing wrong?

I Mean, how can we be good anough to beat the All Blacks and the Ausies in consecutive weekends in South Africa, and then go on and lose by quite a margin to the Irish, while the All Blacks thrash the French...?

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    Could it be that they had three new players again? My son watched the game and he said they just didn't look in the mood. They were lacking in team spirit or maybe high spirits as such. They didn't look as confident as they always do. We are very strong Springbok supporters, but it must be said that Ireland played really well, their game was of a higher standard than usual.

  • As an All Blacks supporter I know the difficulty that exist with beating South Africa at home. There is something in the air there that raises them to another level. But they had shoddy results in the away matches in the Tri Nations. My theory is that the forward are too big. While they have strength and power early on they get tired. Mobility, power and fitness are the new important qualities for Union forwards. I don't understand losing to Ireland like that though.

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    dont read too much into that ireland game.jake white is experimenting with combinations and trying to create more depth in the team by giving the younger inexperienced guys some game time.he is building towards the world was no secret what he is doing as he stated that this was his intention.ireland is a very settled team that have played together for a long time now.anyways i dont mind when we lose to the irish.they´re cool people.just please god dont let us lose next weekend against the english.

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