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Gums are bleeding a little bit ============================?

I haven't been flossing my teeth daily as I'm supposed to.

But I just did today and noticed that my gums kinda bled between my teeth. It wasn't POURING OUT or anything... it was just bleeding a little bit.

Is it because it's been a while since I flossed or what?

Actually right now, my gums are feelin' a little sore.


To the first person who answered... I don't have ANY of those symptoms. So it's not leukemia....

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    Your gums bleed due to accumulation of plaque that has been left disturbed near the gums for an extended period of time. Plaque is the sticky white material which starts to build after every meal. If you don't clean it away, it will cause inflammation in the gums due to an immune response as the gums get irritated from the plaque sitting there for too long. The inflammation makes the gums a bit weaker and puff them out a bit sometimes making them more susceptible to bleeding. So basically, when you floss and you have not flossed for a long time, the gums could bleed as there is inflammation in the tissues, and flossing causes some bleeding as the gums are a bit weaker. So basically, you just need to floss them till they are clean and then do this regularly and the gums will go back to normal, if they don't see your dentist ;)

    If you ignore flossing and constantly leave the gums in an inflammed state, then the bleeding inflammed gums will stay like that, and this longer term could lead to bone loss and gum recession around the tooth. So if any part of the gums bleeds, clean it more.

    Some rare diseases can cause bleeding, but treat the obvious first since it most likely is just you have not flossed for a while.

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    yup seems like you might have a mild case of gingivitis. Make sure to see a dentist if you can, or brush and rinse using gingivitis fighting toothpaste and mouthwash. from wikipedia: The symptoms of gingivitis are as follows:[citation needed] Swollen gums Mouth sores Bright-red, or purple gums Shiny gums Gums that are painless, except when pressure is applied Gums that bleed easily, even with gentle brushing, and especially when flossing. Gums that itch with varying degrees of severity dark red gums that are usually pink and bleeding faint blue tearing from eyes

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    This may be sign of early gum-disease which is called gingivitis. It could have been resulted from poor oral hygiene like wrong brushing method or like you said, irregular flossing. Smoking will contribute to poor gums too. By the way, is your gum pink (good) or red (bad)?

    Rinse your mouth with salt-water or chlohexdine (taste very bitter) right after flossing and brushing to reduce infammation. Salt is an antiseptic and so is chlohexidine.

    Source(s): Fomer dental assistant.
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    It may or may not be a symptom of leukemia.

    Some other related symptoms:-

    Fever, chills, and other flu-like symptoms

    Weakness and fatigue

    Loss of appetite and/or weight

    Swollen or bleeding gums

    Neurological symptoms (headache)

    Enlarged liver and spleen

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    quick and simple answer, its just a build up of plaque as u havent flossed, start flossing again and in 2-3 days the bleedinf should of stopped, if its sore gaggle with hot salt water

    good luck

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