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why does my computer freeze solid when i get booted playin euchre ?

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    Low memory / RAM. time for an upgrade.

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    try this . UPDATE...Make sure you pop up blocker is off (top of your browser in tools)and once in the lounge click "options" bottom left of lounge and choose the small windows options...... -- If you cant log into chat/games it is because Yahoo's browser has issues with SUN java as default. Yahoo is Java dependant.

    This is also the reason for the games applets not loading and some web cam issues. The easiest fix is to update , make sure all your windows are updated

    Click this link ... ...

    and choose what is your best option.

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    in other words ur comp gets HANGED..its bcoz ur comp mite b an old comp nd yes its memory mite b quite full..nd bcoz of tat 1s comp gets slow nd if u run many programs a may get get a new comp!! or try 2 open 1 file at a time...its sam wid my comp too!!

    Source(s): my comp has da sam problem!!
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