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Can friends who have chemistry stay as just friends?

Will the sexual attraction eventually lead to somthing happening, or can it be possible to stay just be friends? Also if somthing does happen is it more likely that the friendship will be ruined? : ) I'd just like some opinions, thankyou!

Will the sexual attraction eventually lead to somthing happening, or can it be possible to stay just be friends? Also if somthing does happen is it more likely that the friendship will be ruined? : ) I'd just like some opinions, thankyou!

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    no too difficult

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    I am married to my male best friend today. the best thing I ever did was walk into the bathroom while he was drying himself one day (and it was an accident all you haters out there!!!!!or maybe he left the door unlocked on purpose???) Here I knew this guy for years we had soooo much in common he was always there for me even while we were seeing other people and I thought I knew him better than anybody but who knew he was sooooooooooooo well developed.Wow it was all I could think about . I don't know some frienships can't make a transition like that but if there is chemistry from your side he might not be feeling it. so make sure u are on the same page. Because we knew each other really well as friends first there was none of that uneasiness you have when you first start a relationship. None of the will he love me for me. Will he mind if he finds out my Bla bla or I wonder if that girl and him ever got together These are all questions that we did not have to worry about. We both knew who each of us had before and why those relatioships failed so there has never been any wondering does he still like his ex and his mother loves me. We would hang at his place and sometimes me and her would talk girly stuff befor he and I got together. I can go on and on but in the end you must decide for yourself. Ask him if he would be interested in more.

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    Depending on circumstances, it may be very hard, but it can be done. As long as you are both very committed to remaining friends. It would be easier if you try to avoid lots of one on one time. I do, however, encourage you to keep an open mind - there is no better cornerstone to a good relationship then a strong friendship.

    Also, I don't think there's really nay way to predict what the outcome would be if something DID happen. If you are both reasonable adults, though, hopefully you could det that aside and remain friends. Sometimes, we even get to laugh at those moments later in live.

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    If none of you doesn't take the move, you may stay as friends forever. But if one of you has a bf/gf and another person is jealous, your friendship may fade out easily. Cuz it breaks the trust between you two. If another person can accept it, I think you two can still keep the friendship. Everybody has different level of jealousy and trusting. So, your friendship depends on the influences of them.

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    I once thought it was possible to stay just friends, that was until i found out that my best friend was in love with me and realised that i was in love with him too. Something did happen between us, but we have both vowed that no matter what happens we wont let this affect our friendship. We mean the world to each other and i hope we stay friends forever.

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    humorous i merely observed this question... i become speaking approximately it with some acquaintances final week. 7 years in the past while i become in severe college i all started relationship the girl that were my suitable buddy for greater or less 5 yeras. it took that long to bring about something happening even with the undeniable fact that it become obvious that it become on the two our minds for a jointly as. i think of it comes out while the two human beings experience that theres charm on the two facets. in opposition to that even with the undeniable fact that, I truthfully have a chum that these days informed me shes cherished me for a pair years and that i don't experience an identical way in any respect. she thought that there become charm on the two facets and its replaced our friendship plenty.. i will experience the stress she has and that i've got become greater reserved. i assume you merely could choose it on a case with the help of case foundation. if theres that somebody i'm hoping all of it works out for the suitable the two way... good good fortune

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    It would be quite hard to keep it as just friends untill a time passes when the chemistry dies down and when that happens you will find that it is a great, un-breakable friendship.

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    Friends who have a history of explosive chemistry shouldn't continue to be friends.

    Especially when one of you has a partner. NO way can the two of you hang out as friends.

    I know from experience. Some X bf's I can be friends with. others I just can't. It takes wisdom to know when to walk away, knw when to run.

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    everything in this world we can do there is no right or wrong as long as we understand the consiquency that will arise and willing to face it

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