In world of warcraft can a warrior have a pet?

i play as a night elf and im level 11, how do i get a pet?

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    warriors can have pets.

    but warriors cant tame pets.

    you can have: non combatant LIVING pets; parriots from booty bay, snakes from valley of spirit or can buy speical pets off from auction house with $$ depending on ur server.

    or you can have combatant pets: mechanical dragonkin, combat chicken, mechanical yeti and so on UNLESS you are enginneer. while some can get gained from doing quest.

    or u can have non-combatant MECHANICAL pets, life-like mech toad, lil' smoky, pet bombling, again, only if you are enginneer.

    Source(s): hunter 60 warrior 60 mage 60
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    Huntes get pets

    Warlocks get Demons

    Shamen get totams

    and Warriors get do Pallys as Warriors can carry guns.

    There are some combat pets taht can be picked up, but they are limited in use and do not last very long. A Dog Whistle on Lockley in SM, the "Are We There Yeti?" in Winterspring..

    Warriors and damage monsters, they can dish it out and take it. Hunters are designed to take something at distance so a pet is there to keep the mob away fromt eh hunter while the hunter shoots at it.

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    A warrior can have a non combat pet... They can be purchased at many vendors in game, some are drops, and some are quest items...

    Visit site below for a list of pets and how/where to aquirre them...

  • Jethro
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    1 decade ago

    Only a level 1 one which doesn't fight anything. If that's what you want then you can buy them in certain places. There's a fun, free way of getting a pet chicken you can look up.

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  • binz
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    4 years ago

    you are able to the two %. up engineering and make a kind of parent form puppy that for the time of basic terms lasts for a constrained quantity of time. you should purchase a novelty puppy from between the numerous puppy distributors international. There are some products that drop that permit you to call a constrained form of guardians out aswell.

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    You can only have a non-combat pet. They just follow you arround. Go to a major city to find a vendor.

  • 1 decade ago

    No sorry reroll a hunter or if you want come to cenarius i got a level 60 tauren hunter named Icyth Go horde and il help you level abit.

  • bugi
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    1 decade ago

    buy it from the secret market..... its in the middle of the woods.... search for it....

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