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My hair is straight and in pretty good condition (I'm not trying to brag or anything. I just want to know if

I have straight and healthy hair (I'm not trying to brag. I just wanna give you enough information so you can give me appropriate advice)

The problem I've been having ALL MY LIFE is it doesn't matter how I try to brush or arrange my hair, it will always point straight down. Basically, I can never make any adjustment. And, it's really annoying.

People have been telling me to put some gel to hold my hair, but then I heard it does damage your hair.

My friend said a "leave-in conditioner" helps hold your hair the way gel does, but it won't damage it.

Is that true????

Also, I've heard a leave-in conditioner is ONLY used when you think you have dry and unhealthy hair. Does it mean you're not supposed to use them if you have healthy hair.

Also, if you're using gel, you're supposed to wash it off everyday. If I start using a leave-in conditioner, do I have to wash my hair everyday???

I know there are quite a few of questions here.

But I really wanna know.

Thanks in advance.


Wow, thanks you all for answering!!!!

I thought it was obvious I'm a girl.

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    I use a leave-in-conditioner so I can get a brush through my hair. Most conditioners won't help you style your hair. The gel will hold it but it might look weird the second day.

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    Leave in conditioner makes my hair really really flat and greasy looking. Some people love it though.

    I used to think gels and mousses damaged hair too. Now, not so much. I use a volumizing mousse daily. I just like it better than gel. Not so sticky. I wash my hair everyday anyway, but I know a lot of people who keep piling on the hairspray and only wash it a few times a week.

    Aussie makes a mousse that has a leave in conditioner in it. Doesn't offer a lot of control, but it does leave your hair soft.

    If you want to avoid using products, you can try blow drying your hair upside down. Helps a little. Straight hair is just going to be like that, unless you get a perm, and I wouldn't recommend that.

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    Wash your hair and condition. Separate your hair into three sections and plait it into quite thick plaits. Go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning undo the plaits and run your fingers through your hair if needed. This creates a lovely "romantic" curl without the use of any kind of product. I use Schwarzkopf Got2Be Shine Spray in my hair because I have a tendency to flyaways, and it hasn't damaged my hair. As long as you wash your hair once every two days while using products, you're fine. Leave In condition is untrue, it doesn't make your hair stay in a particular position, it only conditions the hair and if too much is used, will make it look (and feel) greasy. It's untrue that leave-in is only for unhealthy hair.. .in fact it makes healthy hair much healthier :) Try a SunSilk or Garnier Fructis product to encourage the wave in your hair. Just follow the instructions. You'll need a hairdryer though. Or if you don't like the sound of that try Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk or V05 Leave In Spray and buy curling tongs! Even the good quality tongs are quite inexpensive as straighteners are in high demand. Have fun :)

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    for gel: use alcohol free gel. You don't have to wash your hair everyday but if you use too much, your hair will get flaky and you will have to wash it often. Use a small dime-size amount.

    Leave in conditioners: You don't have to use them everyday. Try once a week but it keeps your hair healthy.

    You can also condition your hair with mayonaise or egg yolks.

    Doesn't smell that great but it works!!!!

    To give your hair body. Try blow drying upside down- meaning you blow dry from the back of your head up , while you are holding your head down and your are facing your knees (I hope you get the idea) You can also attach a diffuser to you blow dryer to keep the style you want with out drying the hair bone straight.

    Source(s): been to many salons to see and practice what i have seen work
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    Ok, so here's what I have for you. I have stick straight hair almost down to my waist, and I use a leave in conditioner every day to keep it healthy. I wash my hair every-other day, and it's fine, it doesn't get all greasy or anything. I also had my hair stylist give me long layers to give it movement and body, so it doesn't do the same thing every day. As far as products that I use: dove, aussie, garnier, neutrogena. All products you can get for relatively cheap at Walmart.

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    Of course straight hair will just grow down. Those with natural curly hair have the waves and easy to manage curls. (My opinion). Yes, it is annoying, I have that too. I use hair spray, seldom a conditioner because I hate the volume they add, and some make it too too soft and then it is REALLY unmanageable.

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    a leave-in conditioner does what it says, conditions. So it makes your hair softer and naturally straighter. So it won't help you at all, so don't think about it. All you can do is use some mousse and then fold your hair with rolleys and then blow dry them, and then style it. That will last a bit more.

    But straight healthy hair is beautiful!

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    It depends who you do you hair for.

    If you just wanna impress guys, grow it really long and straight. Keep it shiny. For more effect do it up and let it down when you want to get a guys attention.

    You wanna impress women> Another story. To do that you got to spend lots of money and get a phd in cosmetics.

    Edit: im assuming your female. A straight guy would never ask this question.

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    eerr r u a a guy or gal? lol! just kidding. there r leave in conditioner for normal hair too. fret not. of course u must wash ur hair aftr using those hair gels as it may cause build up if u dont. fret not. try it. wont harm u.

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    leave on conditioners are absolutely safe and can be applied everyday.for styling your hair you can use hair sprays,gels and leave on conditioners.Take my advise and consult a good hair stylist who can decide what is right for your hair.Good luck!!!

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