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i wanna look after my cockatiel egg. wat shuldd i do?

my cockateil abandoned 1 of her eggs so im gonna look after it. but i dont no how. how do i keep it warm and wat shuld i do? plz help x0x!

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    heat lamp, see a vet for detailed help. Will need special equipment to feed if you can keep it alive till hatching. will be almost like having a small baby in the house. Vet will probly tell you to get some kind of solar heat lamp, with natural light intead of the artifical lights so much. good luck. mommyblues

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    If the bird abandoned it don't bother with it as it is probably dead already.

    Hold it up to a light so that you can see thru it.

    If it is solid just in the bottom half then it is dead.

    If you can't see thru it put a cup of water in a box and a light bulb over the box with the egg inside.

    The water in the cup will keep the egg from drying out too much from the light. Test with your hand how hot the light gets. You don't want to cook the egg but want to keep the temperature around 75-80 degrees.

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    my sister raised those for years...she took a regular 40 watt it in a ten gallon tank, wrappeed with a lilen towel, she would raise it too the light every few days to see if it's growning, sometimes the mother bird could tell something was wrong, and so to keep it from desieasing the others, they will move it will be able to see through it in the light, when held close to will get a stink quickly, and it will still be very light in weight...but try it...sometimes they feel not enough room, or time can be given, so they chose a form, of a way to adapt..... so they rid of one...mostly the smaller egg....yes she taught me alot......

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    put the egg in a ligthly warm towel and turn it several times a day just like the mother would do, but if she abandoned it there is problem with the egg.

    Source(s): I have cocketiels and have hand fed and trained them to talk, I mark the eggs as they are layed with a diferent color marker so I know when they are going to hatch, If the mother pushes one aside I take it out, and it is usually bad.
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    fry it up ans serve it with sausage and hash browns

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    sit on the little sucker

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