I think I messed it up with him?

i like this guy a lot and today i told him that i'm a high school dropout..(i got my GED)..i think he thinks less of me now..do guys care about such things? did i totally screw up my chances by telling him?

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    Hopefully not. It really depends on the guy. I think that if I liked a person that I would not care about it but if your guy is some college dude, then he will care about it more. The truth is that what ever your story is, if he thinks less about you for completing a GED then you don't need him in your life. If it is important to you then talk to him about it and tell him what was going on in your life at the time of high school that made staying in school difficult for you. You should be commended for going back and getting the GED! Give him a chance to understand before you fear the worst... dropping out of high school is not the kiss of death, some very successful people have moved on from that and won at the game of life. Good Luck and always worry more about what you think of you than what others may think... :)

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    No u did not, you did well by been honest with him before the outset and not getting to find out when things are really serious. If the guy is serious with the relationship thing then he should give you credit by telling him the truth. Personally i like girls who are honest. My girl dont worry, what is yours is yours , if hez really meant for u then no one can take him away from you. That is not a comment a serious guy can base his judgment on to stay away from you. All the best

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    If this person really loved or was interested in you he would be encouraging you to pursue your education and not thinking less of you...i wouldnt give a man like that the time of day

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    no u didnt mess up guys dont really care about that stuff give it another chance ask him again

    if he said no he simply means that he doesnt like u that much it has nothing to do with what ur graduation is

    keep it real peace out homi << haha lol

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    Well put it this way my friend- it shouldn't matter at all.

    If he truely loves or even cares for you, he will adore you warts and all. ie. No matter what failings you have.

    If he is bothered by it, ask him to list his own "faults" if he's so perfect!

    Be strong enough in yourself to say this is who I am and if you don't like it you can...*complete sentence yourself*

    The Iceman.

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    I wouldn't care.

    Everyone makes mistakes and at least you're trying to better yourself by getting that GED.

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    No .. Not At All Just Give Him A Reason

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    Most Guys like Blonds does that help!!!!!

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