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can you get abs while doing Atkins?

I'm a 34 male and not overweight, but I don't have a hard body eiter (I'm borderline, with a BMI of 24.8) I really want to see some abs, so I'm doing about 1 hour of cardio (800 calories) and 25 minutes of weight training 4/times a week. I'm also doing Atkins. Can I get hard abs even though I'm not taking in much carbs/ (I think I am getting enough protein) I already see some muscle definition and I can see vains on my biceps, but I don't know what the combination of exercise/diet is going to do for my body. Any good advice? Thanks.

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    you are on right path....but don't have to add good carbs later stage...and you gonna be all muscles

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    Why not?

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