potato farmer? funny?

a very old potato farmers son was locked up in jail for a long time the dad wrote a letter to his son. it said" i dont know what to do i am too old to dig up the garden this year to plant potatoes as you know this is my only source of income, love dad." the son replied back and said" whatever you do dont plant the potatoes in the garden thats where i hid the bodies.love son" the FBI was at his house the next day and tore the entire garden up and didnt find anything. the next day the son wrote his dad again "you can plant the potatoes now love son."

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    That's a cracker as we say in Ireland LMAO hahahahaha

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    what a pragmatic farmer; a guy is driving down a us of a highway, even as he spots a farmer status contained in the approach a wide field of grass. He pulls the motorcar over to the area of the line and notices that the farmer is purely status there, doing not something, searching at not something. the guy receives out of the motorcar, walks all the way out to the farmer and asks him, "Ah excuse me mister, yet what are you doing?" The farmer replies, "i'm attempting to win a Nobel Prize." "How?" asks the guy, wondered. "nicely, I heard they offer the Nobel Prize . . . to those who're out status of their field."

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    that was so awesome the dad thought his son is a murderer lol

    and the FBI dug up the field so his dad don't need to dig up...how funny is that....keep up the good work

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    Lot of hard work for the feds..good job.and good joke..

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    omg - lmao

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    That was reeeeeaaaaaally funnnny!!!!!



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    way way way funny

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    hahahahaheheheheh..........veri veri good one...LOL

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    fuking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!11




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