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nicky asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

How do you know if you cat has either a bladder or kidney infection?

My cat has very strong smelling urine, She used my bed for her litter box and it had this really bad odor, I know what cat urine smelles like but this was different. What are symptoms of a bladder or kidney infection and what can I do to help her?


So far I want to thank everyone for the answers. I know I need to take her to a vet and I plan on doing so on Monday, I'm asking this question just for info.


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    Hi Nicky...generally, when cats inapropriately soil outside of the litterbox it is a sign if a feline lower urinary tract infection (FLUTD):

    Symptoms of an UTI:

    - bloody urine

    - straining to urinate (can easily be mistaken for straining to defecate)

    - urinating in unusual places

    - urinary blockage (almost exclusively a male cat problem)

    - licking the urinary opening (usually due to pain)

    Here's an article about Feline UTI which talks about blood in urine as well:

    Causes of UTI:

    Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine on house soiling problems:

    Consider ringing your vet to have a urinalysis or blood work drawn to evaluate if she has a urinary infection as soon as possible.

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    Dark or smelley urine and leaking/problems going typically indicates a bladder infection. Kidney stones are usually difficulty urinating and leaking in odd spots, coupled with unusually warm spots on the rear sides of your cat if there is an infection. Both kidney and bladder infections are treated with antibiotics (be sure to ask for something that will mix with food, or at least a liquid instead of a pill)

    Another urine problem that matches these symptoms is diabetes, which is indicated by drinking too much water, lethargy and confusion (even more than usual), and it can lead to bladder infections or kidney failure due to the high levels of sugar in the blood. The urine will have a slightly sweet odor in addition to the normal smell. Feline diabetes is treated with insulin and regular blood sugar testing and controlled diet just like for humans.

    There are other diagnoses that are less likely, like cancer. Look for lumps elsewhere on your cat that don't belong there. I have lost two cats this way, and there are no good treatment options. Chemo is painful, and just prolongs the tragedy.

    However, I am technically not a vet so you should see a real one. before whatever it is gets worse.

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    It is really important that you take your cat to the vet to be checked out.

    Was there any blood in the urine? If so you need to take them to the vet immediately as this could be a sign of renal failure beginning.

    To effectively find out if the cat has an infection the Vet will do an urinalysis. This is a very simple test where the vet inserts a very small needle into the cat's bladder through their stomach area (bladder is very close to the abdomen wall) and withdraws a small amount of urine.....this is better than trying to get your cat to pee in a cup.

    All kidding aside, if it is an infection the cat will be given medication to take (depending on the severity-last time mine had to take pills twice a day for two weeks) and the infection will go away. There may also be some special food involved. If left unattended this infection may quickly lead to renal failure and this can be extremely painful and as mentioned above you will have to put the cat down.

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  • Actually, samples are taken from both areas, the abdomen feels swollen, they frequently TRY to urinate but sometimes can't, or they leak a little but can't fully empty the bladder hence the frequency to go. Sometimes there will be blood but females in heat also bleed. On their chin there can possibly be what looks like a rash.

    You definitely need to go to the vet to verify. Male cats get urinary tract infections too.

    Some types of dry food have high mineral/ash content & clogs the urinary tract. Bring the list of ingredients with you...PLUS you have to make sure they have tons of good clean water. NOT toilet water either.

    This condition can kill your cat IF it is in renal failure. If your cat has kidney/bladder problems discuss what type of diet is best..they make affordable canned food especially for this problem that is low in protein..etc. good for the kidneys & bladder. Please if you love your cat tell your vet it could be an emergency and work out the bill with them.

    Yes I have had this problem with a cat as well as a dog. The male cat had urinary tract infection. The dog had underdeveloped kidneys which shortened her life. Even registered animals with papers get sick.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How do you know if you cat has either a bladder or kidney infection?

    My cat has very strong smelling urine, She used my bed for her litter box and it had this really bad odor, I know what cat urine smelles like but this was different. What are symptoms of a bladder or kidney infection and what can I do to help her?

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    Hi, I don't have a cat, but my dog has the same problem with smelly urine. Two years ago it started with a very bad smell and then a little blood clot will come out with the urine. The doctors at the university hospital injected water into her back skin like a big bag. They said she didn't drink enough water. Because she drank too little it concentrated her urine. I changed her food to Royal Canine Urinary dry food mixed with lots of water. It helped. I also had blood test done to make sure she didn't have kidney stones. She didn't, thank God.Her urine still sometimes smells, but then I just try to give her more water. It's hard, but worth trying. Boil a piece a meat in water (stock) cool and serve.

    Good Luck.

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    Take her to the vet for a urinalysis. My cat peed on the bathroom rug and yowled alot...she had a bladder infection.

    Like female humans, the distance between the urethra and bladder is shorter than in males and bacteria can get up there easier.

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    The symptoms are what you mentioned, plus, sometimes, after a while, blood in the urine and blockage(straining without managing to pee). You need to : a. take a sample of urine for analysis (put a sterile cup under his tail when he pees) or take him to the vet to do it. They need to check for bacteria, PH, invisible blood, and sensitivity of the bacteria found to specific antibiotics. Based on the results, she will be given antibiotics (usually amoxicillin, better injected, or nitrofurantoin) and special diet (Hills c/d or Royal Canin Urinary). Also, giving her a lot of water (canned food with extra water) helps, but only combined with the medication.

    For kidney disfunction, they do a blood test (urea and creatinine). But the bladder infection is more likely. Go to the vet. it is a simple problem when you deal with it quickly.

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