i am trying to get pregnant and need any advise anyone may have!?

I am timing my ovulation, eating right, taking prenate vitamins, no caffeine, no processed meats or cheeses......does anyone have any tricks that worked for them? my husband's sperm is healthy because he has 3 kids from a previous marriage and i'm looking for some good advice! thanks.


i am 27 years old.

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    Stop worrying about the stress of worrying could keep you from getting pregnant. True story... I had about a year left to get pregnant because the doctor said I had to have hysterectomy. i worried for the first couple of months... then I decided to stop worry. 4 moths later... my very fertile husband noticed a change in my mood and announced I was pregnant. I had not even missed my period yet and went to the store and bought a test....she is 9 now


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    monitor your cycle for 3 months and take your temperature everyday for those 3 months. If your cycle is regular every 28 days then your temperature should increase by 1-2 degrees at least 14 days before your next period. This is when you are ovulating and is the optimum time to try and get pregnant. Also, don't stress yourself over it. When the time comes it will happen. I have a friend who was told could not have children because her tubes were scarred she adopted 2 children and when the adoption was to be final with the 2nd child she found out she was pregnant. Just relax. You might want to have you and your spouse checked out. Just because he had 3 kids with his previous marriage does not mean he cant be clogged!!!

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    Any time you provide up taking the pill, you're probable to have bleeding except you're pregnant. In any journey, implantation bleeding averages 9 days after thought. Sorry to declare it would not sound such as you're pregnant. even with the undeniable fact that, that is achieveable to get pregnant good away. I ignored ONE pill and function a 2 twelve months previous son. i've got faith the conventional is approximately 3 cycles to initiate ovulating back, yet some human beings can soak as much as a twelve months.

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    Get an ovulation calculator, eat right, exercise, sleep well, do everything you've been doing..Elevate your hips for 30 minutes after intercourse, do not smoke or drink, man on top is best, and if that doesn't work just stop trying thats what helped alot of people I know..

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    Not trying to sound stupid but don't try to hard. A couple of my friends tried for a year and had given up and she missed her cycle and thought something was wrong only to find out that not preparing had gotten them preg. Also trying too much and timing things can hurt the marriage because it takes all the romance and spotinatity out of the marriage/relationship. mommyblues

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    Sara, you are aware that to get pregnant you must have sex on a day that your eggs are being released.

    After the 3rd day from the day that menses started put a thermometer into your mouth and check your body temperature every morning before you start turning in bed. The best time is at about 4 a.m. Maintain a chart. You will find that on one day the body temperature drops from 1/2 degree to one degree. This is the day that your eggs are being released. If you want to get pregnant this is the day that you must have sex. Tell your husband to ejaculate on his inward thrust so that the sperms will shoot deep inside.

    After having sex you must stay in bed for about 30 mins with your knees bent up with a pillow under your buttocks so that the sperms will not pour out - to enable them to travel up.

    Get your husband to save his sperms in the testacles for at least 3 days before sex to enable them to mature well to do their job.

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    It happens when it happens. If it doesn't, why not adopt? Lots of children out there that need good homes.

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    Try to relieve stress. Such as work, family problems, or arguments with people.

    Source(s): From Sex Ed. at school.
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    Try using an ovulation calendar/detector.

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