i need help again?

if you all didnt read my other entry bout my ex she thnk she might be pregnant... and i made a horrible mistake we were dating 10 months and we were doing great didnt argue everything just came together... well july 28th i decided to leave and tell her i was goin to a weddin and i left and never came back i met sum gurl ovr the internet and got up n left the one i really loved and cared about. what should i do cause i want to be with my ex but she dont trust me now how can i let her know i will never hurt her again? they always say the grass is greener on the other side it isnt it aint. i lost everyone that i cared about and cared about me i screwed everyone cuz i got a wild hair up my ***. and she says if shes pregnant she dont want no help from me cause she dont trust me or want to see me cause i hurt her so bad, how can i get through to her shes my world or i wouldnt be back trying to be with her

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    if she didnt want u to have n e thing to do with the child, she wouldnt have told u she was pregnant..

    she obviously wanted u to fight to get her back...

    all u can do is prove to her.. i watch dr phil.. and he said "previous behavior predicts future behavior" all u have to do is keep trying.. if u show her that u dont want to give up, then she might take u back... but dont change for a month then screw her over again... ull only be making it harder... start by solely and only caring about ur child... try to go to the dr visits with her.. and let her know that even if she doesnt want u with her, ull be there for ur baby... and then always buy her new mom gift.. and tell her that u love her and she beautiful... dont comment on how big the belly is getting even if its just to say u can tell the baby is getting big... my husband got me back by simply buying me 13 roses

    i fell inlove all over again.. because i knew he was truely sorry.. u can only be patient

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    Do you want her back pregnant or not? If you do..

    Then I would ask her out for coffee or something.. Sit her down and talk to her from your heart. Tell her EXACTLY what you feel. And then LISTEN to exactly how SHE feels. Don't get defensive if she rants and raves she deserves to. Sit there and take it like a man. If at the end of the conversation she is adament that she wants nothing to do with you take it with a grain of salt. Tell her OK.. I understand why you feel this way. I deserve it . Tell her you love her and because you love her you will let her have her way for NOW.. That you want to prove to her that it was a mistake and one that you will NOT repeat. (and please do not repeat it) ROMANCE her... Make her see that you do love her. Send her flowers.. leave a rose on her car at work (but don't go in. Let it be a surprise. ) The winter months are coming if it snows clean off her car at her job so that when she gets off she comes out to a clean car. There are all kinds of "little" things that mean the world to us. Most importantly.. if she tells you that she needs space.. DO NOT call her for a while.. a couple of weeks or so.. let her miss your voice. But you can continue to do the "little" things so that she KNOWS that you ARE thinking of HER!

    If she is indeed pregnant.. Stay involved.. Regardless of the relationship you have with her at the time. Being a concerned and good daddy (as long as it is genuine) is a way to show her you care as well.. Plus you deserve to be a daddy as well as the baby deserves a daddy..

    I wish you the best of luck with everything!

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    from experience my boyfriend left me for my cousin which messed me up bad emotionally but not only that he walked out on his son for some 16 year old girl who doesnt know a thing about love. Well finally he realized he wanted to be with his family again. Let me tell you it is very hard to get back with someone you have to work at this and show her you care for real dont just do this to get her back and treat her the same. Maybe she will see that your human and you make mistakes or maybe its just time to let her go. Good luck though that is a decision for only you and her to decide. You need to be there with your baby either way tell her atleast let you be in the babies life

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    Yeah I'd said you screwed up. First you cheated on her then you lied to her , then left her with no reason. I wouldn't trust you either. But your only hope is to tell her what is in your heart. And how much you love her. And then let her know you won't pressure her. Leave her alone , From time to time you could just call her to check up on her and maybe send her some flowers. And don't send them to her house, send them to where she works, publicize your feels for her ; let her see that your 100% in love with her and only her. But you have to except it if she never wants to see you again. But don't let her keep you from the baby. She has no right to that. If this is your child then fight her for your rights to see the baby if she makes it clear you two are over. Don't let her do that to you or your child.

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    I think you should leave her alone. Shes right for not trusting you or wanting to get back with you. If things were fine why'd you just up and leave her? There is nothing you can do but wait it out and let her decide. If she is pregnant, you should do right by your child and move on with your life. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

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    Darling, I hope you realize that sometimes girls (especially teenage girls) say they're pregnant to get back at you, or to get you to commit to them or take them back... I'm not saying this girl is lying; she very well may be pregnant. I'm just saying the remote possibility exists. If I were you, I would ask her very gently to take a pregnancy test in front of you, just to "make sure it's not something else... just to be on the safe side." But whatever you do, don't make her think that you don't believe her! You must be supportive.

    Source(s): I was a teenager not very long ago.
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    ok busta i sure you already feel like a low life so i won rub it in any furthur. here is the facts my bf cheated on me....and the day after i found out i was pregnant. i wanted to keep our little growing family together so i stayed with him. but the trust had gone. everytime he went out i would get paranoid. but we are still together and i never been happier and he has proved himself. so hanfg in there and if its meant to be it will work out.....but never let anything keep u from bein part of your babies life. a child deserves the love of both parents....good luck.

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    write her a sweet simple sorry letter explaining your feelings and guilt. Tell her you will be there for both her and the baby when she is ready,

    Goodluck and dont push it,,, Give her time coz her hormones will be wild as she adjusts to being pregnant. She will have alot going on for her.

    Once again goodluck

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    Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying to talk to her. Don't let up. A girl wants to feel important, special and needs to feel wanted. if she is pregnant, be sure that you show her that you want to be involved, buy baby things, maternity items for her, help her get to the Dr. office, etc. Do you have a job? If not get one, and keep it. Good luck.

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