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virus detection wont stop says his copter infected how do i help fix it?

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    Here you have some good and free antivirus programs:

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    Here is a list of antispyware, and antivirus applications, to get rid of everything that is tracking you and stealing your passwords.

    The first one is called LAVASOFT anti spyware, this has been out for awile, and its the most top rated anti spyware applications on the market right now

    Avg anti virus is one of the best heres the link to download it.

    Zonealarm this is a top notch firewall, and i reccamend it GREATLY! this helped spyware, and virues from not getting on your computer in the first place!

    Those are the most common, best antispyware/ anti virus applications out there right now, and there all free so i reccamend them GREATLY

    Questions/ comments or need more help?

    email me at

    Source(s): My website 10 years of being a security manager
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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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