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What is the difference between Persian and Dari?

Please be more specific than just saying that "Dari is a dialect of Persian." Please try to include information about Tajik as well.

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    deri is the old persian .Deri used in Afganistan but persian used in Iran Deri and Tacik are diyalekt of persian .in other mean Deri is grandmother of persian .

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    Most authors do not really distinguish between Iran, Aryan, and Persian. They use these terms to mean either race, language, culture or nationality. Iran is taken from Aryan which means the land of the Aryans, which is not an accurate term since most of Central and South Central Asia is Aryan. Persian is another confusing term which not only implies to the modern Iranian (nation) people but also to those who speak Persian (New Persian i.e. Farsi, Dari etc.). It is impossible to speak of the language and the land without using this western terminology which blindly throws everyone into incorrect or vague categories. I, however, will try to clarify the terms when using them.

    The Old, Middle and New Persian are and represent the same language at three stages of its history. Persian was originated in Persa (Persis of Greeks and Fars of Arabs) and is differentiated by dialectical features, still easily recognizable from the dialects prevailing South, Centarl and South Western Asia. The new Persian remains close to the Middle Persian in many respects. However, New Persian has taken many words from Arabic and Parthian, as opposed to Middle Persian which was influenced, to a lesser degree, by Aramiac. The grammatical structure has also undergone minor changes, mainly in relations to verbal morphology and syntax. For example, in new Persian as in German, verbs usually end a sentence.

    Dari is derived from dar or darbari, meaning court language. In everyday conversation Dari was used and Parsi was the written and scholarly language. At the beginning these were little difference between Parsi and Dari. However, over the Years, Dari has evolved into a dialect of Middle Persian (Parsi), this distinction was realized and noted by the Sassanids towards the end of their rule. Dari, as a spoken language branched to different dialects, the most important of which was Pahlawi, the language of Parthia which had preserved the oral literature of the poetic tradition of Parthia.

    Much more info here: http://www.afghan-web.com/language/farsidari.html

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