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Do you think emotional pain, can sometimes be equal to physical pain ?

What I mean is, does the pain from words, sometime hurt more than, the pain cause by someone hitting you........this question will be extended for those whom would like to think about it and come back to answer later....

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    Beyond all shadow of a doubt...YES

    Emotional pain can stay with you for life....

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    i think so...hav ne of u out there been hurt so bad by words that u feel physical pain inside - ur chest n stomach or w/e...i kno that might hav sounded weird

    at least when someone hits u or u get physically hurt in some kind of way u can visually see where the source of pain - where u were hit...n it eventually goes away

    but if u dont resolve what causes the emotional pain it can stay with u for a long time - like grudges n stuff

    thats my opinion neway - cool if ne of u dont agree n id like to hear of ur opinions too

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    i think that sometimes emotional pain can hurt you more than physical pain, actually. emotional pain sometimes causes people to do harmful things like drink and kill themselves anyways. so i guess it could be argued that emotional pain sometimes even causes physical pain.

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    It depends on the situation. Hearing your loved one has past can hurt. Think about people having a stroke after hearing bad news.

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    after a few years, it will become physical pain. fibromyalgia

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    sometimes it hurts worse and definitely longer the memory stays with you

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    yes,specially being angry and keeping it to yourself,that could kill a person.

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