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These are the breeds that are getting banned?


American bull dog

American pit bull terrier

American staffordshire terrier

Bull terrier




Dogo argentino

Fila brasilero


Shar peis

Staffordshire bull terrier

Tosa Inu

what do u think of that. i dont think that any breed of dog should be banned. just the people who made them this way should be put away 4ever

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    My husband and I have a staffie and a rottie, they've been with us for 10 years, now.....and have never ever hurt a fly.We have other pets as well, they all get along great. Both dogs adore children!!! I am SICK and TIRED of ignorant idiots that let the media run them into a WITCH HUNT!!! There is and always will be people that raise their dogs to be vicious,. So what should be done is to send them to prison!!!

    Punish the deed , not the breed. I'm not saying that all pitbulls or rotties etc are friendly, BUT studies have proven that most dogbites in the US are caused by

    1. labrador retrievers

    2. german shepards

    3. poodles !!!!!

    there are plenty of websites you can look this up at.

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    I'm lost here... "Banned"??? By who, where, and why? I know that where I live owners of a couple of breeds are required to get special insurance, but no dog is "banned".

    A dog breed is only as bad as it's owner. I have a friend with an 80lb Rottie that thinks it's a "lap dog", and Gawd help you if this big boy decides to jump in your lap to be petted... it hurts!!! I can see no reason whatsoever to "ban" a breed (other than pit bulls... not because of temperament, but because they are so damned ugly!), and I know of no locality that does so. I think that the questioner is taking something like a licensing/insurance law too seriously.

    BTW, an Akita is NOT, and never was, bred as a "fighting dog". These dogs, like Chow-Chows, were bred and used in the far east as hunting dogs, so "bladedogs" is totally off-base with that description. (However it's a common misconception brought about by media hype and breed ignorance.)

    Finally, I've dealt with many dogs, but the only ones that have bitten me have been those damned little yappy bastards! I've NEVER had a problem with a medium to large doggie.

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    That is certainly not a full list of all the breeds that are banned or restricted somewhere in this country.

    I appreciate what you are trying to do, obviously many people are totally unaware that these breeds and others are banned or restricted somewhere in this country.

    But WHY does nobody care about all the other anti-dog laws??? Don't you understand that BSL will NOT matter at all if ALL BREEDS are legislated completely out of existence???

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    Of course the people should be blamed, and banned from ever owning ANY dog. But is it easier to control dogs, or people? By banning the specific breed, the "problem" is solved before it can even happen.

    You do have to admit though that the recent buyers of such dogs are influenced by the violent canine images in popular music videos. So now the recent owners are not properly training these powerful dogs, but instead are raising violent, fighting dogs trained to kill.

    By banning these breeds in major city situations, the dog-fighting scenarios are controlled, which I don't think is a bad thing. It protects the dog from potentially being harmed, and from being raised inappropriately.

    It also keeps people who purchase certain breeds because of their "popularity" from doing so. Which is definitely NOT a reason that one should be buying a dog.

    I think that however unfair to the average caring person, who respects their animals, and trains them properly, it is still in the animals best interests to be protected from those people interested only in promoting violence.

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    I don't believe in banning any breed. I don't think that's a solution to the problem. I think these "ignorant" owners will just move on to another breed and start making them out to be "bad".

    I have a LabX and 2 Shih-tzus and 2 of their best friends are a Bullmastiff and a Rotti.

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    No the LL makes the principles and if you do not love it difficult. You can not uncover a away across the regulations. You both appear for a brand new location to reside otherwise you do away with the puppy. You can not lie and say your puppy is whatever its no longer. its noticeable its a Great Dane and if they don't seem to be allowed then they don't seem to be allowed, transfer else wherein or do away with the puppy and give up appearing like you're entitled to preserve the puppy

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    punish the deed, not the breed.

    the reason why these WONDERFUL dogs are looked down on are because of PEOPLE!

    bad breeding. two idiots stand in their back yard. the first idiot says..."hey i got this new Rott pup yesterday...i bet if we bred her to your Rott when she is in heat..we'd make some bucks on them pups"

    the second idiot says..."yeah that sounds great...ya know when your pup will be old enough to breed?"

    first idiot..."no, but im sure not to much longer now...she's almost 8 months.

    so what happens? well since some dogs can come into heat when they are 6 months old...that poor female Rott will have pups WAY too early for it to be healthy * age of 2 yrs is recommended before a female dog has her first litter*, and the idiots will probably sell the pups WAY too early..ive seen adds for pups between 4-6 weeks old for sell where i live (NOT the 'reserve your pup add', but the 'COME AND GET THEM NOW add'), *recommended pups be 9-12 weeks before placement*, and you end up with pups whos health is in question because the idiots never bothered to take them to the vet, and never got the pups their shots...parvo? they probably have no idea what the heck that is. papered pups? no not likely...probably just discount priced...why? because it's faster and no need of costly vet bills and AKC registering.

    so you end up with THOUSANDS of idiots breeding dogs in their backyards just to make a buck.

    and then when you hear on the news about a little boy..(who more than likely was NOT taught how to respect an animals space in the fist place, was NOT supervised in the second) and then around a dog that was NEVER properly bred for IMPROVEMENT OF THE BREED STANDARD. a dog that probably NEVER in his life saw an obedience class either, and you end up with a tragedy happening...and who gets blamed? the two idiots? nope, the irresponsible parents? nope...the dog.

    the dog that was never asked to be brought into this world in the first place.

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    I agree. I believe that owners are 100% responsible for their dogs, and 99% responsible for how they turn out. They should also never let them be in situations that might turn ugly.. like leaving 4 pitbulls alone with a 1 year old baby, even for 10 seconds. But that could also be true with 4 poodles! So should we ban poodles too? Ridiculous.

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    I'd like to strangle these people. Akita's are Japanese fighting dogs but they simply have small prey drive. (If people didn't let their stupid brat kids grab all over people's dogs and run around screaming maybe we wouldn't have dog bites to worry about). Pits can be made aggressive but naturally are people dogs (all dogs are although some are aloof, people need to realize what that ball of fur was bred for and expect them to act that way). "Punish the deed, not the breed" as the saying goes. The other reason we have problems with certain breeds is because they become popular with "gangster" idiots who try to train them to fight and then unleash them onto the unknowing stupid public.

    Edit: Wow I sound like I really hate people. I don't hate them, at least not all of them. I hate the stupidity that has come into our country. Why are we so uneducated? How many people have degrees and higher learning but are unable to understand a simple act of kindness? How many of these people actually can understand that it's better to spay/neuter than have 56.5% of all the dogs in our shelters murdered? My heart breaks for these wonderful animals that want only to love but are made prisoners and death row inmates for no reason other than they are "too wild, too big," or "we had a baby". I'm so sick and tired of this, forgive me for whining, I went to a shelter today and it just sickened me. The pain I saw in the people there’s eyes, and the pain in the dogs eyes. I was sobbing so badly, I had to pull over on the drive home.

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    I don't know, really. I lived next door to a Pit Bull named Poncho. His owner ignored him most of the time and he was lonely. I picked up some doggy treats and started training him to speak. Sit Lie down and he was very easy to train. They are not dumb, but they are really strong. He got out one time and all he wanted to do was get in the house, so I took him up to the door and they let him in. I showed his owner his tricks and he was impressed.

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