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Anybody got any true bad date stories they can share? I'm collecting them for my blog, Thanks?

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    Yes.......... A girl i was dating and I planned on go to the lakefront to chill together. She wanted to drive so I waited outside my house for her to come. Here comes a red ford focus flying down my street. She slams on the brakes hard and tell me to get in and speeds off. She begins saying that " da ***** are not going to get me , da ***** are not going to get me" ( Here in chicago we called the plain clothes officers da *****). I look in the passenger mirror I see no cars, I turn completely around to look out the back window, I see no police. So I put onmy seat belt and she continues to make these wild turns, and speeding. So we finally get to the lakefront and we are sitting in the car parked talking. A police car happens to drive by right in front of us and goes down in the marina. I begin lookig around just cause I like to stay aware of my surroundings. I see a white car park maybe about 40 yards away from us. Two females get out and happend to start walking near where we were. They were smoking weed and minding they're own business, and the girl I'm with says " ol stank a-- b-t-hes. They turn to say " what?? " I said ol stank a-- b-t-hes. So they turn around and start walking back toward their car. One opend the trunk and pulls off her jacket and the other opens one of the back doors and pulls off her shoes. I slowly opended my door and placed one foot out on the ground. But the inside light came on i the car I was placing my foot so incase they came back shooting I was running where I just saw the police go. She says she's not about to get her a-- kicked so she pops her trunk and goes into it. she comes back into the car with a small 15 piece tool kit and a piece of rope about 12 inches long. The two females start walking back toward our direction. The girl I'm with says " you know what I don't feel like fighting today and started the car and we pulled off. I stopped dealing with her that night. And it was only our second date.

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    My friend wanted me to double with him so I was roped into one of the few blind dates I've ever gone on. The 'ladies' took us to a party where we couldn't get in and then as I was driving back, my date left the vehicle at a stop light to go fight another girl. My friend followed and was quickly rewarded with a punch that gave him a black eye for about a week. So that date didn't go so smoothly.

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