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you decide, is she (they) interested in me?

Not that I would be interested, for religious reasons, but I just want to know: ..........At my university, I wear Islamic clothes. As expected I get a lot of looks from everyone, as noone else there wears anything like it. But if someone keeps looking, like every day, are they checking me out, or still observing my clothes? I would think that they wouldn't keep looking at me becuase of my clothes, any further peeks (after first several) would have to do with them checking me out. ..........There are these girls one of my class who always look at me. sometimes, they look at me together (all three of them turn around and look) I always catch them looking at me. could it be a possibility that they are looking at me thinking "why does this guy keep looking at us" when in reality thats thats what I'm thinking the thats the only reason im looking at them (even tho they are madly cute).......... .what do you guys think They are interested in me, or just looking at me because of what I wea


no need to say sorry, im not interested in them (as i stated earlier)

Update 2:

maybe this will help. (not in conceited way) but I am pretty good looking and girls have fallen for me b4. But I'm waiting til marriage.

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    I've seen some of the most beautiful women at KSU that happens to be Islamic. And I've always wondered the same thing that you are asking. Do they think that I'm looking at them because they're dressed differently, or do they even realize that they have the most gorgeous eyes that I've ever seen?! <---This all depends on the onlooker. I tend to smile at women when I look at them (to show that no ill-will is meant by my repeated "glances" ;) ), because I have enough confidence to. I'm assuming women will smile to show their interest in you if they find you attractive as well. The truth is, this will be different for everyone. I'm not religious myself, but I can acknowledge a beautiful person when I see one. ---Additionally, don't be concern with what others think. Just be friendly and try to make friends with them and you'll eventually learn what their demeanor is for yourself. ; )

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    What does an islamic clothes look like? Maybe it depends on the clothes you were wearing. I knew some Pakistani guys who wears this traditional dress.. I cant help myself looking at them...

    particularly on that "below the belt" area. Know why? Because you can almost see their "thing" on that dress. Believe me! Things which are hidden in that dress were definitely huge! That's why i cant help myself looking at them. Maybe you have the same case...

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    try not wearing it for a week or so see if they stop looking at you... that will help see what they are thinking. or you could just ask one of them out on a date

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    Wear regular clothes and see if they keep looking at you.

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    so behind all those clothes you have your

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    just looking..

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    sorry but no

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