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If we really want peace isn't it time we eliminated religious beliefs of all types from government?

ALL GOVERMENTS ! if mankind destroys itself it will be a religious war of some type

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    Why is it that you people are assuming that this person is suggesting that religions be outlawed? That is NOT the question. The question involves whether or not religion should be discluded from governments. DUH! And yes, I believe that religion SHOULD be discluded from governments... To do so is the only way that we will ever truly be free to choose our own religions or to choose NO religion at all. As long as religion plays a role in the governments of the world, there will always be decisions based upon religion, which in turn violates our right to choose our own religions, beliefs, lifestyles, faiths, etc....

  • No. It's only fair that both sides are represented. For example, in the US Supreme Court, there are a couple of anti-abortion judges. The rest are pro-choice. There actually need to be a couple more that are anti-abortion in order to balance it out.

    You know what happens when you outlaw religious beliefs, and put only atheists in office? Look at history. It's not pretty.

    I do agree that it will be a religious war of some type that will destroy mankind...but you can't put it off. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen, and not a day sooner or later.

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    I'm afraid that it would just be worse because the people will start protesting and rioting. There is no such thing as peace anymore. And if religion DOES escape government, mankind WILL destroy itself in a religious war of some kind. The lack of religion for that matter.

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    A bad case of anti-religious bigotry is being exhibited here.

    Not to mention an ignorance of history -- the most brutal and murderous regimes in recent history have usually been the ones who've officially banned religion. The former Soviet Union, Red China, and North Korea are but three such regimes that leap to mind.


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    you are crazy if you think people are going to stop getting religion involved.

    not that it wouldn't be a bad idea.

    but peace comes from people who want it bad enough they reach for it.

    religion and goverment don't always mix, but getting rid of it would be impossible. politicians sometimes use their religious beliefs with their decisions. getting rid of religion from government would be impossible, i doubt anything would get dojne if it happened.

    so no, i don't think such a thing would work.

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    Go tell the muslims that:

    Too many Muslims are taught from an early age that their first allegiance is to Islam. They are exhorted in sermons in mosques, and in books by such Muslim intellectuals as Dr Siddiqui of the Muslim Institute in London, that if the laws of the land conflict with any of the tenets of Islam, then they must break the laws of the infidels, and only follow the Law of God, the Shari’a, Islamic Law.

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    when should elimate religious beliefs in government such as apssing law based on the Bible. Anyone who uses the bible as a reference is wrong due to serartion of church and state.

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    I'm open to suggestions. I lived in the middle east for 2 years....never....never happen.

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    When you wish upon a star,

    Makes no difference who you are.

    Anything your heart desires will come to you.

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    Then who would perform weddings,funerals,or preside over solemn events?

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