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What romantic things can u do for a guy?

Guys have it easy! Romance is simple for a girl. Give us flowers, take us somewhere gorgeous, tell us sweet things, take us to any private place... etc. I dont have a single clue what a guy would think of as romantic. I would buy him flowers, fix him a candlelit dinner, and to a private spa before spending the night together but I dont think guys would appreciate it soo much. Especially the flower part. I would really like to do something over the top romantic for my man and I just cant think of a good idea. Help!!!

Also, I'm a poor college student so I dont have much money to work with :(

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    my bf loves it when i cook him dinner and rent a movie i know he likes. something romantic doesn't have to be really extravagant. anything you do he will probably like. good luck!

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    Hi Amber yes we have it easy flowers candy dinner and candles . but Women like and need these things to feel amorous and romantic a guy is far less emotion driven he is a creature ( and yes I know That does describe some guys with out elaborating any further ) of sight .he see,s a bit of skin that should be covered he is aroused where as a lady needs to be coaxed and lead into a feeling of equal stimulation some times with gifts and others with a gesture of love or friendship or just close commitment to her .

    So in my opinion buy the flower get a bottle of wine with a great dinner put on the slow romantic music settle into a couch together He may not appreciate the effort but it wont be waisted on him Guaranteed.

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    Don't worry darling. You are feeling just the way I have felt over the years. I have found out from the man I have loved and also married that not only you cannot find things to do for guys but most surprisingly THEY DON'T LIKE BEING TREATED ROMANTICALLY.

    So, my advise to you will be the following:

    1. Don't spend too much money on them. They do not like over spending girlfriends (gives a bad impression as a future wife).

    2. Share genuine jokes and laughter between yourselves.

    3. You can cook something just for him! or best of all,

    3. Share some good snacks with him when you go out together that he likes (that really works!)

    Good luck.

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    Well for my parents 20th wedding anniversary my mom sent my dad on a scavenger hunt around the city getting his nails done, getting a massage, getting a new outfit and it eventually landed him at the Sheratan hotel which is where they stayed on their wedding night. He was instructed to wait in the lobby and she came down in a dress they rented to wedding suite and had like a second honeymoon.

    But since you are doing it with low funds you could do the same thing, but have your sweety meet you where you're guy's 1st date was. You could send him on a scavenger hunt full of inside jokes between you guys.

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    My now fiance, drove 12 hours straight to come home and see me and then crawled in the window of my room and was there when I woke up. Oh, and then there was the Mother's Day, he and our son went out for almost two hours picking the most pretty wildflowers for me. It was the best bouquet I have ever gotten!

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    Give him a day that is all about him. Whatever he wants cater to him. Cook his favorite meal and wear something sexy. Watch a movie or some football and after wards, lead him to the bedroom for some mind blowing sex.

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    forget the flowers, waste of money.

    wanna "romance" a guy.... FORGET your undies !

    there is nothing more intriging to them then to find out if a girl is wearing undies. (if you don't feel comfortable wear a string)

    but cross your legs a bit (wide).

    bent over to pick something up or reach high!


    good luck.


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    Honestly speaking ??...

    Don't do any excesses romance wise. The effect on any normally built male will last up to a maximum of 2 minutes (stopwatch in hand..)

    The most romantic thing for a guy is when you open the door for him, to find you disguised in Eve's dress, with a bottle of wine carried in your arms like you carry a baby, like feeding the bottle from your breasts... slowly walking back to the first available couch with a nice Miles Davies jazz in the background, and a candle lit dinner table set in one corner for the aftermath of what is going to happen...

    Let the thing happen first , and get the romance after ...

    Good night

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    Sadly, most guys think that sex is the best thing you can give them as a gift.

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    Show him that you care, like hi did you eat already,you want coffee or juice,this is just example show your inner beauty not front beauty.

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