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Should I have given him my number?

I was returning some bra's at wal-mart with my best friend. We laughing and being kind of weird & then after we returned them we were leaving I hear this guy go "EXCUSE ME" and I just ignored it. But my friend stopped and I was probably 20 feet ahead of her.

I heard him ask her "Where did your friend go?" So I walk back over to the guys (there are 3, but one runs away for some weird reason) and I say hi to them. The one who shouted "Excuse me" asked for my number

I was very shocked. Why would some random stranger do that? HELLO! this is not a bar, its wal-mart. Anyways I was kind of like "ummm...well I don’t even live here" (I live about 30 mins away from the wal-mart in a different city) And he says: "So, what?" and I'm just like "ummm sorry” Then he continued to say "Did I get shot down? huh? am I shot down" and he seemed very sad. Then I felt bad!!!

Should I have given it to him? Is it that big of a deal!?


I dont have a myspace, and he was okay...haha

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    LOL!! Nothing like a good Wal-Mart story. I don't think I would have given my number to him. And you saw what him and his friends looked like, so if you didn't think it was a good idea to give it to him then it probley wasn't a good idea to give it to him

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    If you weren't having 2nd thoughts you wouldn't be posting the question.

    Also, why were you returning multiple bras? I know very little about bra sales but it seems to me either they fit or they don't. It's not one of those items people buy thinking that someday they'll grow into it.

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    Hell no! Beware the man who is lame enough to do so in a wal-mart.

  • lol, I was at wal*mart today. You should have given him your myspace url ;) Did you think he was cute?

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    yes and no.

    yes,he might have wanted to be a friend

    no,he might have done something bad to you if you did

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    not a chance.dont. u dont even know this guy. he's maybe a jerk.

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    i would have gave it to him...or at least said you can't have mine..but I'll take yours..

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    ONLY if he asks you

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