How to catch him cheating.. I found her comb it made me sick!?

I'm sure my husband (we are separated now and have been for a week.. his want, not mine) is cheating on me and has been for a little over a month. I'm not sure how to go about catching him. I've found things like a comb and hair tie that aren't mine. Those aren't the only reasons I think he's cheating but I'm also wondering if women sometimes leave things like this behind on purpose?Any suggestions?

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    *** u THINK he's cheating? i'm thinkin the writing's all over the wall...and the ceiling and the floor and ........

    as far as women leaving things behind on purpose... some probably do...others are probably just careless. shouldn't matter to you why she...or these other woMEN....are leaving things behind. the fact that there is another woman or other women...that should be reason enuf for u to end it w/ him NOW.

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    Yes some women do leave things behind on purpose, sometimes they do it so that it will be easier for them the next time they are there or sometimes so that other women will see that they are there. She probably knows about you so I don't think she's a very good person. Maybe it's time for a divorce, people sometimes change for the worse. I know its hard but I wouldn't ever try to work through cheating.

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    Christa, one thing you got to understand about men they are very narrow minded, and lack the ability to sustain one normal relationship. What I am saying is if a man is cheating you wil ne have to be a rocket scientist to know that, they lack interest in you, whether sexually, or in conversation and so on.

    I know of one who was a senior banker and a lady workamate he related with left him a note which he kept in his shirt pocket and forgot to remove it by the time he got home - of course the wife found it and the rest is history. Another one used to travel a lot, so this time for some reason the wife decided to set his papers and all in order somethng she rarely did, and she saw packet of unused condoms which they never use.

    To catch a cheatig man, you do not need a net. They are just shallow that you doubt they are cheating os setting you up. seriously. So if you get stuff that speaks volumes, you got him!

  • try talking to him . remember what attracted you to each other and work on it from there . offer to go to counciling . or what you both can do to work it out . alot of times it's a game of the other female to leave things lay so the other one finds it . i thing is kind of a teritory claim's area thing amoung all creatures . human's included . a challange to take what the other female has . once they get what they want . then they don't generally want it after that . send him little notes . saying you love him and miss him . openly flirt with him if you see him with her in public . leave a rose on his pillow or at his door . so she might find it . thank him for things he's done for you in the past . example . thank you for the wonderfull night we had the last nightwe were together . ect , or maybe you should start playing his game . when you talk to him on the phone say things like sorry i can't come over tonight . i am tired up . even if you are not . maybe if he thinks you are interesd in someone else he might start thinking twice about ewhat he had . worked for me

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    Yes I'm sure you are right to come to that conclusion and yes I would think that some women do plant stuff to let the wives of these cheaters know what they have been up to. Since he has already seperated from you his next action is to pursue divorce

    beat him to the punch if you apply for divorce first and also bring adultery into the picture he is going to be up sh it creak without a paddle.

  • 4 years ago

    nicely with a cellular telephone you may cheat alot extra straightforward with the texting etc. yet why cheat in the 1st place? every physique who cheats is fidgeting with fire and could at last get burnt (caught). If somebody is set to cheat they'll do it with or and not making use of a cellular telephone.

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    going thru the same thing for 7 weeks now but mine actually told me he was seeing someone else. if you think hes bringing her to your house buy a little voice recorder and hide it somewhere or set up a camcorder. tell him you are gonna be somewhere for a while and then sit in a car that he wouldnt recognize so you can watch the house-just be prepared it might take some time-but also be prepared for what you might see-know that you are going to get hurt.

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    You are already seperated. It is over. Stop torturing yourself. Catching him with the woman will not do anything positive for you, or make him love you. Its over. Let go.

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    Do you have children? I am only asking because they sell stuffed animals that have nanny cams in them. Go shopping and put them around the house and have it recording and catch him in the action. Adultry. If you do not have children they sell small cams that cam be easliy hidden.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're seperated now, whether he is cheating or not doesn't matter any longer, catching him now is a moot point.

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