Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceOther - Business & Finance · 1 decade ago is it a legitimate company?

Can't seem to find where they really are.

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    Here are some reviews from actual users:

    One caution though ... I have bought from online pharmacies before and many of them, no matter what their privacy policy says, will sell your name, number and prescription info to other online companies. At one point I was getting 5 or 6 calls a day from various companies all calling me by name and telling me my "refill" for ____ was "ready to ship". At one point one of these companies actually ran through an authorization on my credit card for several hundred dollars. I was furious. I ended up getting my credit card changed because I was afraid of fraudulent charges. The phone calls were driving me crazy and I nearly changed my number because of it. They don't ever take you off their list when you tell them to, and being on the "do not call" list doesn't help one bit either. They call from the Phillipines and the Miami area mostly. Because of all of this, I will never ever buy medication online again.

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