does anyone know of how to get a good workout without me having to go to the gym or using weights?

im really looking to flatten my stomach area and get muscle toneage or gain in my arms and legs.....yea i definately cant go to the gym..i dont have weights....and i dont have a lot of money to go buy things for a workout....

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    crank up the music on your stereo and dance while you hold in your stomach muscles then relax...repeat.... as you clean or vacuum...go to your local library and check out what they might have in the way of workout videos..if they have Core Rhythms the Latin workout, it's dancing i highly recommend it only 3 basic moves the cha-cha, salsa, and merengue, the whole thing lasts like 40'll start slow ..but if you love to dance you'll love it...the steps are easy to follow..and if you can't , just dance along

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    crunches, push ups, and squats are a well begin however that is most effective scratching the outside. P90X is a well muscle builder however its a brief application. take a look at creating a application that you realize you are going to stick too even when you get the outcome you wish. v-sits, ab planks, leg increases, and so forth. do all forms of push ups, near passed, huge stance, hand claps, and in the event you get well sufficient one passed squats are well in your legs however after a at the same time may not do so much with out weight. you'll be able to additionally take a look at sky jumps and resistance jogging. incidentally, you're losing some time at the treadmill, get on a monitor or run round your vicinity

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    1 decade ago

    If you have any friends in the military ask them about the excercices they did in basic. Variations of the pushup, over-head arm clap, situps, chinups and pullups, leg raises, holding onto a chair while resting your legs at the same height on another and doing dips, basically a military press but just with a piece of wood or weapon, shadow boxing, many variations of crunches, tie a water bottle onto a piece of string or rope with about 3 feet in length and the other end to a wooden rod in the middle and hold your arms out and continue to rol and unroll the weight with just you hands and wrists, fill up a backpack and do squats, sprints, just hold something heavy and stand on the edge of a step with only the front of your feet on it and your heels of the edge and do calf-raises. There are many many things you can do but without proper equipment it will take more time. Try just doing as many situps as you possibly till failure in 2 minutes as well as pushups in 2 minutes every day.

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    well, what can you do is do the push-ups.It's the most simple workout that costs you nothing to buy,just need you to get down on you knee and start you push-ups.I started my push-ups one month ago and now i got broader shoulder, thicker chest and more defined abs and arms' muscles.My friends doesnt believed in me when the saw my transfromation in just one month of doing 350 push-ups per day(not recommended actually,coz too much, but i still stick to it).As for you stomach, well, the best one is to do sit-ups(dont tell me that you dont know how to do it).I got my six packs when i was 15 y/o.Everyday i did around 300 sit-ups(morning,after school,evening and night) and i was totally shocked with the results that i gained.I got it in just 2 weeks.For me, that is already amazing coz i seldom do my exercises.

    And please watch what you eat.You are what you eat.Yup.that's true but not for me.I can eat almost everything without gaining weight(fat) coz i have a very fast metabolism(lucky huh?).

    Give yourself a day's off.Rest so that you muscle can grow bigger and stronger.

    Now im in my weight training.Need to gain pounds.Recently just added only 1.1lbs of muscle(so little,coz im an ectomorph body type person-hard gainer).But still on the right track.Hope that give you some rough ideas of how to start you exercise.


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  • 1 decade ago

    that is very easy u dont actually need to have weights and stuff to tone up all u need is some time and instinct to do it.....

    there are a lot of workouts u can do at home like



    skipping ...

    jumping jacks..

    pushups ..pullups ...ab crunches...legraises.....

    with which u can easliy loose wt and tone ur body...

    check out this site... for all the available workouts.

  • 1 decade ago

    I hear that jogging or walking at a fast pace is the best exercise there is, not only for muscle tone, but for the heart. The best`s free, no special equipment or clothing needed !

  • 1 decade ago

    Watch what you eat, also do you own a bike, rollarblades, or just simply walking and running is really good for you to. Again, helping to watch what you eat is good too!

  • 1 decade ago

    there are many work out cd's in the stores that do the job as well as the normal things like walking biking and etc.

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    1 decade ago

    use gallon jugs of water for weights to lift for arm toning, for stomach lots and lots of crunchs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Walking can be good as well as sticking to a good diet.

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