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Sometimes I feel like I'm stressing out waaay too much. Does anyone know some relaxation techniques?

Are there any other ways than spending money at spas (which really does sound nice but I'm broke). Something quick and easy that I can do at home.

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    take a shower with your clothes on or jump into the pool fully clothed! That so relaxes me of any stresses I get

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    What's stressing you? If you can identify the source of stress, then the answer would be a distraction that does away with the bad effects of the stressor.

    For example, a rushed, deadline-driven work life can be alleviated with an involved but slow hobby like growing bonsai trees.

    Personally, for major, continual stressors, I like to solve part of my stress by changing something in the relationship between me and the stressor: transfer to another job, grow a hedge on the side with the bad neighbour, spend less time with people who stress me out, etc.

    At home? There's plenty of library books, relaxing music. You may even find a relaxation like painting, knitting or another art or craft.

    Is there a good park for walking close by? Sometimes it's good to get out of the place if you can.

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    There must be a hundred ways you can relax without spending a cent. Deep breathing, meditation (which involves deep breathing), vigorous exercise (which promotes blood circulation and oxygen intake), reading (particularly something that will make you laugh). Stop watching the news, stop watching violent shows, listen to relaxing music at a low level. Surround your living area with the things that bring you happy memories, re-arrange your furniture. Write. And, don't hang out with people who are depressed, angry, or controlling. Be free.

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    You can take breathes to calm down your muscles and listen to music you like. Visualize yourself as a balloon being inflated. As you breathe in, the balloon fills with your stress and tension. Then breathe out all the stress and tension leaving you limp and relaxed. You can also exercise and stretch to relieve your muscles. You can take a nice walk or do some artwork. You can do meditation or cook. I’m in choir, so one way to relax your shoulders is to lift them until they touch your neck or so. It should feel weird but you drop them and it would feel like your stress has left that part or the tension.

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    I just love playing with my son. Find just looking at him makes my stree vanish. I try and spend as much time as I possibly can with him. Exercise is a great stress buster also. I like to go out for long walks and it always helps, especially when I am able to take my son with me. Apart from that, I love to read a lot and most of this reading has nothing to do with my job, so it helps.

    I have also opted for lower-paid but lower-stress jobs as I find no benefit in opting for higher pays just to take on inhuman levels of stress.

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    I found a great stress website.

    Check out ( http://www.reducingstress.net/ )

    Good luck.

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    Smoke weed, drink vodka, and THRIVE.

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