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Did you know it was true that the 2010 world cup was in jeopardy?

The president on his recent trip to China requested their help to build new stadiums and other facilities, which the Chinese government have agreed to do.

You know what this means ??????????????????????


ar I am South African you moron and glad that the Chinese are going to help because now we will have the best World Cup ever.

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    ar Do you see the point?

    South Africa can't host the world cup without help from the western countries! SAFA just wanted to host the world cup so that they can show the rest of the world in what state SA soccer really is! They want to be pitty by the world!

    They can fire the brazilian Carlos Perreira coz no one can make stars out of bafana bafana!

    I can't wait for the FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP OF CIRCUS!!

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    stop being jealous and cynical. So what, and whose cared? anyway we have already started with the plans for our stadiums, and if you do come here to my city you would see that we waited for no one and are already clearing the site for the building of our stadiums. SA is going to host the best world cup ever, with or without the help of the Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Americans, indians and whoever else.

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    It means the president was clever enought to seek experts on building stadia.

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    OK. But until the first ball is kicked I will still be in doubt if we can pull it off. We are allready so far behind schedule and over budget.

    Also I am waiting for the corruption to be uncovered.(There is always corruption in SA)

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    It means that the chinese will build new staduims?

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