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metel gear solid 2?

in metel gear solid 2 on the secend level it will tell you nead to get a ak not to long after you kill fatman wear do you get the ak

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    ok so you've killed fatman.

    the ninja will give you the terrorist outfit, the directional mic to locate the president and a level 2 card as you leave the helipad, but you have to get the AK yourself

    to get the AK, you must return to the Strut F Warehouse to use your new Level 2 card to enter some rooms. there are two on the upper level. the first is near the door to the connecting bridge and holds C4 and claymores (i think, but thyre practically useless anyway). The other one is nearer the FA Connecting Bridge door and holds a M4 Rifle behind some IR beams. you need to shoot out the sensor, but be careful cos guards might hear!

    The AK is in the lower level room marked by a Level 2 door. you can pick up the weapon as well as a bit of ammo down there. Once you have it, return to the EF Connecting Bridge. to get to the Shell 1 Core, take the left path. The floor will fall, so leg in really fast or you'll fall to a very watery death.

    it all gets tricky from there! i hope that helped though

    the AK is one of the best weapons but be careful as it is loud (you shouldn't have to fire it though, just use at to fool the baddies)

    good luck!

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