"Conduction problems" in my honda accord?

My car shuts of randomly and takes a while to start back up again. The mechanic said it was a "conduction problem" with the computer and told me I had to replace the entire computer in the car.

Do such problems really happen with cars?


No it wasn't at the dealership...

It's a 94 accord

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1989-1994 Accords have a recall on the igniter. The newer ones had bad coils.

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    1 decade ago

    "Conduction" problem? He is an idiot for even saying that. What the hell is that supposed to mean besides I don't know what is wrong with it. Was this at a dealership?

    What year? If it is 96 or newer, it has OBDII and failure codes can be read.

    I would go with what cre8it said. This car will still read and hold fail codes in memory, but it has to be read in a different manner, possibly using the check engine light which will blink the codes. Try going in here and ask...


  • 1 decade ago

    Cars are like people sure its possible but get a second opinion before you fork over the dough.

    This is the kind of line you get from a mechanic who knows very little about wiring. Just replace it all! It may be one of those problems were the cost of his time to find the exact problem is more than the part to replace.

    Get the second opinion !

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