I just fought a 4 year battle with Hepatitis C, and I am told that I have a harden liver and what the?

Dr. discribes as Fibrosis of the liver. I am starting to have sharp pains on the right side, ( do not have gallbladder any longer ) especially when I cough, or they come on real fast and lasts until I get some medication in me for the pain. I do have Spinal Stenosios, but what would be the right kind of pain relieve that I could take without doing anymore harm to my liver?

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    First off, what do you mean you just fought a 4 year battle? 4 years of trying treatment off and on? 4 years ago you found out you have it? 4 years ago you were in the acute phase? Fibrosis is certainly not as bad as cirrhosis. It took me 40 years to get to cirrhosis. Hep C is very slow progressing. Whoever told you to *get a transplant* is not very knowledgeable. You can safely take Tylenol long as it does not exceed 2000 mg a day. Some docs even think Tylenol is preferable to Ibuprofen for Hep C positive patients. Instead of posting a question to a nondescript Yahoo Board as this one is I suggest that you go to the Yahoo Groups section and enter Hepatitis or Hepatitis C as your keyword(s) and find one of the MANY wonderful, supportive and EDUCATED Hepatitis C groups to join. Right side pain in the liver area is common to many of us. Not enough pain to medicate for, however. The less meds you run through your liver the better off you are. I can't give an entire Hep C education lecture in this small space but I suggest you go to a Yahoo Group or google Hepatitis C as there are a great many good websites out there to learn from. I have a links page at http://www.healsofnfl.bravehost.com/ about 1/2 down the page that takes you to most of them. Good luck and remember you are not alone. There are MILLIONS of us out here!




    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HepCingles2 (as in also..... married or single with Hep C :-)

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    My brother was diagnosed with it a couple years ago..He was on treatment for about 12 months and now he is Hep C NEGATIVE!! He did the shots..They would come in the mail every week on ice..It was very expensive but it worked so well with him..He was diagnosed very early (Thank God) and is now one of the very few to be cured of this terrible disease..There is HOPE and I will pray for you..I would try to stick with asprin type drugs..Tylenol can do harm to the liver in big quantities..Ask your doctor what you can take for the pain...Take Care!! Lana

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    Drink pure Aloe juice and move to the desert, Nevada or Arizona.

    The natural sun is a quick healer for the bilirubin the liver will accumulate and you may turn yellow. bilirubin also makes you lethargic. University of Minnesota/ Dr. Harvey Sharp/ Liver Specialist/

    or email Madameru@aol.com this is a person that has fully regenerated from Hepititus after 5 yrs.

    Source(s): Mayo Clinic
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    even tylenol will dammage it and not do much for the pain. you need a transplant.

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