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Troops in Iraq?

Bring the Troops Home? Or Should they stay in Iraq?

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    I think it's time we bring them seems they are still causing destruction and in return more are still getting other words the vicious circle keeps rolling.

    It's time for the Iraq Govt to be left alone to sort out their country. Yes, I feel for the innocent Iraqis caught in the middle but at the end of the day. It's not our fight and to many of the coalition forces and foreigners are being hurt or killed because of their presence there.

    May God Bless those that have lost their lives over there....

    By the way....if you'd like to join the lobbying to bring the troops home, join us @ CODEPINK - Women Say No To War on


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    Most of all - do something different. We are spending lots of financial resources, loosing face in the world, and loosing a lot of good men in a war we aren't loosing.

    It can't be considered debatable that we are loosing. Attacks are up, losses are up, as Iraq has become the recruiting poster for Al Qaida and every other terrorist group in the world.

    To stay the current path with the current level of troops and current loosing tactics is a waste.

    The answer may be to cut and run, marking Iraq up as a good college try.

    The answer may be the opposite - a substantial increase in forces to adequately patrol the area.

    Personally, I prefer turning control over to Iraqi government forces followed by a pull out within the next couple of years. It is rediculous the government military isn't playing a larger role - Saddam was ousted 5 years ago - most of the ground troops have less than 5 years experience - the Iraqi government should be making up a large portion if not a majority of the military force already.

    Pick 1 - I will back any of these as any are better than the current process - just end this rediculous idea of continuing a loosing battle with loosing tactics.

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    I have mixed feelings on this. While most of the international community did support us for invading Afghanistan to fight the terrorist regime there, then Iraq, now that the fighting is getting bad and affecting the world on a larger scale than previously thought, countries are backing down, hoping they will be spared from their cities turning into war zones by Islamic terrorists targeting them. If the international community still had the US's back like when this thing first started, we probably be making more progress than we are right now. While I do think bringing the troops home will result in the collapse of everything we fought for the people of Iraq (an Islamic regime will most likely take over the Iraqi government and continue mass murdering the Shiites and Sunni's until things are shaped to their liking), keeping the troops in Iraq seems the most intelligent option.

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    I was in Iraq from feb. 2004 to mar. 2005. I love America and I love the Army, but Iraq is a lost cause BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!!

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    i recognize of no human being who bashes the troops. i am going to, besides the undeniable fact that, proceed to bash the freaks who despatched them into probability for no solid reason. those scum (not the troops, those who despatched them there) could face trial for crimes adverse to humanity. The troops are victims. maximum of them signed as a lot as look after this us of a and grant facilities for the duration of organic failures. they have been betrayed. the purely troops i have ever talked airborne dirt and mud about are those who committed torture and different criminal acts (extremely few of all troops). i have by no potential heard anybody else bash the troops, both. it really is a fantasy. understanding this warfare replaced right into a gruesome mistake is different from bashing the adverse souls compelled to strive against it.

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    My husband was there, he says bring them home.

    See what the Iraqis want here:

    Check out this article,,2-10-14...

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    They should not stay forever and we should not bring them home now...Tell the Iraqi PM he has 6 months to get his country together ....Then move 10% a month out and into Afghanistan to find the Terrorist that attacked us....Al-qaida in Iraq will gladly come there to fight us...Just likde they came to Iraq to fight us.....While we are killing Al-qaida we can Kill Osama or atlest find the 6' 6" Arab....

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    i hope they stay there till each and every US soldeir pays for each innocent person killed for their so called claim for weapons of mass distruction.

    Estimating that a 100 US soldiers get killed every year, I am calculating that 12000 will get killed if they stay 10 more years. Hopefully that will repay what they did in IRAQ. And yes, ofcourse they will burn in Hell too. So good, the longer they stay, the better.

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    I say stay as long as they are needed. They feel they need to stay, and they know more about the war than any of us back home. The most we can do is send them gifts, and pray for them

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    Bring em home. God knows we've lost too many.

    Source(s): Decorated CW4 US Army ~ CSH have a nice day.
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