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Why was Oscar de la Hoya hated throughout the years?

I heard he was considered a 'paper champion' fighting all those 'fringe' contenders and fighting in a weak sanctioning organization, the WBO.

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    Oscar had friction from the first day he turned pro. He fought for the USA in the Olympics and that upset many boxing fans from Mexico (Oscar's heritage). His victory over Pernell Whitaker was controversial (I still say Sweet Pea won) so many die hard boxing fans began to criticize him. Then his total annihilation of Julio Cesar Chavez and the Media leading up to it. Oscar made it known he was gonna take Julio to school and make him look bad. This increased the Mexicans dislike for him. Finally, his choice to run the last 5rds against Trinidad because he felt he "had done enough in the first 7rds to win a unanimous decision" started a whole new crop of hatred and discontent.

    Source(s): So Santana D, you're insinuating that all the statements Oscar made that were broadcast globally and reported in Newspapers across the world about JCC and how he wanted to "embarrass" him, has nothing to do with why some (especially Mexicans) don't like the guy?? :/ And if for one second you don't believe that Oscar lost a ton of respect (fans) after his fight with Trinidad all I can say is "wow". I guess I never realized that all of the negativity about Oscar orignated from one section of the globe, East L.A. Came across a quote in a "BoxingScene" forum posted by a fan of Mexican heritage; "ever since i saw oscar vs. tito ive been a die hard oscar hater.....i can go on and on about how his fights were hand picked and so a mexican fighter DOES NOT being mexican took that loss like an insult from him (Oscar)." Another article regarding dislike toward Oscar; "De La Hoya seems to be frustrated with the Mexican-American press calling him "chicken" and a "dead-beat dad", so Oscar's demanding to meet one of the top names.." Personally I was stationed in Arizona back in June of 96. Twenty minutes from the Mexico border. I watched Oscar vs JCC I in a bar in San Luis, Mexico. The bar was packed from door to bathroom with Julio fans. When Oscar entered the arena everyone of those Mexican boxing fans booed and shouted negative remarks about Oscar. So I know of what I speak. Also, my ex-gf who was born in San Luis has 3 brothers and 5 uncles who love boxing and they all dislike Oscar.
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    because of the fact they are ignorant mexicans that's why. and that i'm happy to declare that i'm not certainly one of them. I appreciate Chavez as a fighter yet exterior the hoop he's a moron. And he's between the people who began this Oscar isn't mexican situation. alongside with Vargas. what's a mexican? somebody who throws all their funds away and is thoroughly broke?(Chavez) Or the guy that incorporates their selvess like a highway thug and would't even appreciate the sport of boxing by ability of performing a fool and taking steroids previously a combat and nonetheless dropping?(Vargas) To me a Mexican is somebody who works problematic for his or her households and achieves enormous issues no depend what's in the way. And a toddler on foodstuff stamps from East L.A did that and alot greater.beginning off a maximum cancers center in the barrio, a college and wellbeing center in East L.A. for our people. If somebody says that aint mexican. They dont comprehend what being mexican is all approximately. Oscar has been a brilliant fighter and businessman and has continuously respected our people(mexican and american) a real American son. the yank dream that i desire for me, my infants and my people. Mexican and American.

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    He's been the center of boxing for so long and many people grew tired of him.

    Isn't it ironic when you read Lady Vette's answer she says; "There are so many haters in this world and any time a person is successful there is always going to be someone tying to tear them down" but turns around herself and puts PBF down. So does that make you (Lady Vette) a hater or just a hypocrite? Or both?

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    I agree with Brad's take on the question. I will add this, it is quite possible that he was hated early in his career, and I believe it was due to jealousy, and his quite smug demeanor when he was young. In reference to him not being respected in the U.S Latino community I am unaware of that, I have always perceived him as being loved and venerated by them. If the indigenous Mexicans hate De La Hoya it may be due to two reasons. Number one beating down their legend, Chavez. Number two not fighting what they consider true Mexican style of fighting. You must remember De La Hoya had hundreds of amateur fights(I don't know the exact number) and he still uses that base type of style, Stand up straight, left jab, straight right, left hook to head. Just my opinion no copy from documentaries or boxing specials.

    I may be way off base. I'll let you guys judge.

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    Someone here watched one too many episodes of HBO specials and likes to pass off the commentary from the show as his own opinion.

    Oscar was not respected as a true Mexican worrier because of the way he fought and the fact that he had to practically kill himself to stay at the lighter weights so he could fight against much smaller competition and completely dominate them. You have to remember something this was boxing in East L.A when he was coming up following in the shadows of all out, I take one you take one gladiators, fighters with scars and twisted noses from being broken, not no Hollywood looks with nice skin and bleached white teeth. We're talking fighters who looked as rough as they fought Chavez, Paez, Lopez, Hernandez, Ruelas and Rojas. Fight fans like fighters who looked like fighters not Matinee Idols.

    Some men were just jealous because of Oscars good looks but a lot of it had to do with his way of fighting not standing toe to toe, people can say "it was because of what he did to Julio" and I say "Nope" I was there at quite a few of Oscars fights as he was coming up with die hard fight fans and everything that I wrote above is what there feelings were and are Oscar will never be accepted by the the East L.A crowd.

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    Because he is good looking and has charisma and he was the man. There are so many haters in this world and any time a person is successful there is always going to be someone tying to tear them down. I love Oscar and i hope he kicks Floyd Mayweather's butt. Mayweather is way to cocky but Oscar will bring him back down to earth!

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    The reason is that he is a jerk. When I was young (like under 10), me and my sis went to a signing of his and he was a jerk. He was all in a rush and did not even smile. It looked like he did not want to be there. Plus, my friend is from East LA and he thinks he sucks and is a wuss.

    Source(s): My Experince.
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    Because the name Julio Ceasar Chavez just rolls off the tongue a little bit better.

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    People are jealous and petty.

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    If you were rich, handsome, articulate, always surrounded by beautiful women and won titles in four different divisions, you'd be hated, too.

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