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From where can i buy the most powerful custom gaming pc for around 1000-1500$? if theres a site , give me plz?

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    The systems on those websites are way too expensive.

    Ask a friend for a good custom configuration, buy the parts at, and assemble it yourself.

    You can save at least 30%.

  • schrum
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    DONT decrease than ANY circumstances purchase A DELL!!!!! they are tremendously overvalued and maximum of them are not suitable for gaming. you should keep around for the appropriate custom made computing gadget. i could tremendously recommed one with the hot nvidia 8800 gtx pictures card as that's desperate up for direct x 10 which all video games are going to apply in the close to destiny, aswell as homestead windows vista. I used to have an fx5200 such as you have even though it only won't be able to cope with any recreation released after approximately 2003. It does not even run call of accountability 2 on minimum settings !! you're able to need a minimum of two GB of DDR2 RAM, and as for a processor i could advise twin center as they are speedier for issues like virus scanning at a similar time as utilizing your computing gadget to play video games and so on. they are additionally destiny evidence as single center CPU's are turning out to get replaced by ability of better twin center ones. I truthfully have the AMD Athlon 5200 twin center in my computing gadget and this is actual two times as rapid because of the fact the three.2 ghz processor in my previous computing gadget. i will run hitman bloodmoney, call of accountability 2, rainbow 6 vegas and somewhat some different demaning video games on finished settings at max determination. all of them run at warp velocity and look only approximately photograph sensible with my new computing gadget. desire this enables and is not too long-winded!

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    I wold go with alien ware because they have grate graphics and can multi task like u wold int belave. This is the one of the best gaming and powerful computers out there.

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    I would suggest that you look at this site and compare it with others. Remember, when you go with a non fortune 500 company you may get less software.

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    for the best add one more zero ( for a decent deal try )

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