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James Blunt?

He is amazing in concert!! Any thoughts?

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    Absolutely amazing. Great stage presence, good material and goofy sexy. Love the new stuff, and the gong is just funny.

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    I saw him perform this summer in Boston at a free concert. He was really good. He played some of his old stuff and then a few new songs that he had not released yet. It was really good and he played for a little longer then he was suppossed to. I would suggest seeing him, everyone there was singing and dancing and it was not just a concert for him. Everyone seems to like his shows even if they dont like him.

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    is british. brit rock is ok but when they are singing love songs i keep on thinking of a guy who's stoned.

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    Love him. Wish I could see him in concert. HE'S AMAZIN!!!

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    sounds better on the radio than he does live.

  • never been to one of his, but i dont like his songs very much. sorry :(

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    GREAT SONGWRITER but his voice is too nasal for me

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    ya he is very good

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