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The way this world works, will diabetes ever be cured?

From Wikipedia:

Exubera, inhalable insulin developed by Pfizer, was approved for use in 1-2006. In 4-2006, the UK's NIH advised against the use of inhalable insulin on the grounds that avoiding injections did not justify the higher cost of the new product, estimated at £1100 per year. The NIH recommended in 6-2006 that diabetics should use Exubera only if they could establish 1) a medically proven fear of insulin injections or 2) chronic problems with their insulin injection sites.

Novo Nordisk, filed a lawsuit against Pfizer on 8-2006, claiming patent infringement, seeking both compensatory damages and injunctive relief. Novo sought an injunction preventing the release of Pfizer's 9-2006 launch of Exubera. A federal judge delayed a decision on Novo Nordisk's request for injunctive relief until 12-2006 court hearing. Pfizer's answer contends Novo wants to deny diabetics access to Exubera because it's the only FDA approved inhalable insulin & would hurt Novo Nordisk's business.


The above evidence supports my theory that all major diseases and complications will never really be cured. We as diabetics are pharmaceutical companies' cash cows. If they can help us a little, it will be at an outrageous monetary cost. On top of that, even if there is a success, another company will attempt to squash it. Sick, huh? Is capitalism really a good thing for medical advancement? Something is really screwy here. Your comments?

Update 2:

I don't want this to turn into an FDA battle. I honestly belive the FDA does a good job keeping crap and quacks out of the mix. The FDA makes decisions on the results of clinical trials. I have administered clinical trials, so I know that it is a lengthy and tedious process that requires decisions based on statistics using sample populations. Please do not disregard the FDA process. It is very sound and keeps people alive and well.

It is the greed factor of the companies involved that is so disturbing and inhibiting.

Lots of people are jumping on the stem cell bandwagon thinking there is hope for many things, but nothing has been proven. In fact, around a year ago, some major Korean researcher was totally disgraced by all his research lies in stem cells. Many others' work were based on his research. FDA approval is strict and stringent. Thank God for that. Thank the Devil for the greedy health care industry.

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    When was the last time any big moneymaking disease was cured? In this advanced scientific age you would think quite often. I don't have an exact answer, but I can't think of anything recent. It would not be profitable for the pharmaceutical companies. So instead, we just get better ways to control our disease and we live longer so that they can make even more money from us. Will it ever happen? Probably. Will it happen in our lifetime? Doubtful.

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    This is my opinion as well. Every time I hear of a possible cure for a disease, it disappears from the public eye. I'm firmly convinced the pharmaceutical companies have alot to do with avoiding cures for monies sake.

    The petrochemical industry did the same thing with leaded gas. It was proven in the early part of the 20th century that an additive made from grain would do a better job than lead. Unfortunately, those making the fuel had an interest in using lead so that too was cash driven. It was only after 50 years of using lead did the Industry finally stop using lead (under pressure I might add). How many people died because of this decision?

    How many will die because the pharmaceutical companies have the same mindset? It's truly tragic!

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    To expect a cure from drug companies and the conventional medical community is ridiculous. They are quite obviously interested only in big money. Precious few medications cure anything at all and often have undesirable complications. Show me one antidepressant that cures depression. Think about it, medications are there to relieve symptoms... take them away and the symptoms come back.... they cure nothing. There have been far more permanent cures to "incurable" diseases from natural methods than anything the big pharms will ever come up with. It's simply not in their best interest. Many type 2 diabetics are effectively cured (to the extent that they don't have to take medication) through diet, weight loss, and exercise to ignore. Yet no publicity. Why isn't this good news widespread? There's no money in it. Simple.

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    There have been great strides in finding cures and preventatives for Diabetes, I believe it will be cured and in our lifetime. The moment it hits the movers and the money men watch the rules change. Will the Food and Drug administration be cured? I doubt it.

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    They make a fortune on chemotherapy, and some people die from cancer. It's a multi million dollar business and they won't let any of the new drugs and scientifically proved cures pass FDA regulations..

    They will fight insulin inhalers too. It's always money honey...

    And it's wrong. Very wrong.

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    Three words; Embrionic Stem Cell.

    The cure is there.

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