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where do i start to find my husband if i he is out of state?

we got married in Nevada in 2002 and i have not seen him since the fourth day after we got married. We do have a child that is now 4 and he knows nothing about her. Not even that she is a girl.

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    Hi Natasha,

    I have to ask you, just how long did you happen to know this guy before you married him??

    You might begin with any known phone numbers of his parents or friends,, if you happen to have his social securtity number, that would help also.. You can use child services to help you do that , so you can have child support for the young girl...

    I am just kind of shocked that someone would do anyone like this,, but i realize things happen..

    Good luck, if i can help e mail me...

    Source(s): Former State Investigator
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    The how is pretty easy. There are any number of ways-- which one really depends on who is going to foot the bill.

    If money is not an object then you go straight to a good PI and give him or her whatever information you have, interview them to learn what strategy and techinques they will be using. Have them explain the sequence they are going to use and reach an agreement (contract) in writing about your respective duties and obligations. I would have the reviewed by your attorney who is also a good source for finding the PI. (You should also interview any lawyer just the same way. You have to learn and understand their training and experience in a particular area to know if they have the necessary skills. Reach and agreement on costs other than fees.

    I you need to go it alone, you need to assemble all the documens you can (correspondence, THE MARRIAGE CERT., ideas about his home town or where he might have gone to school. In the appropriate circumstances you may be able to legally find that information. so get that suff togetherthose for ssan, DL number, Vehcile Ident. Numbers,

    I hate to say this, but unless you give a little more detail, like "I have his ____________, _________________, _____________"

    then it's hard to tell you which one to pursue, or both. If you apply for state assisance then they wil go after hiime for past child support, if any. Also, depending on the circumstances your lawyer of someone else may have an account with ChoicePoint, but you can only get info from them in qualifed circumstances i.e. future suit., pending suit, etc. See the law for particulars.

    Source(s): see the Uniform child support enforcement act as starting point.
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    I just want to reiterate what the former investigator suggested. Call child support services, and they should locate him, but don't let them slack. Call the same person once a week and follow up with snail mail to make sure they do their job.

    Some states with the SS# will do this in just days and then file child support papers for you-even interject income tax refunds to reclaim what should have been paid in the past four years.

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    why did he leave you? if he went for company trip, find out from his company. If he serves the army, check with the army. Why did you wait for 4 years until wanting to find him? If you got married in 2002, and your daughter is 4, means that you are already pregnant when you marry him, probably he freaks out and do not want to meet you?

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    this just hit me as being odd, to odd and thinking from a bad view, did you ever talk to the police? file a missing persons report? and why are you just now searching for him? did he say he was leaving you? or did he just not come home one night? to many unanswered question to give you a good place to start with this one. my last words are going to be unliked and is there a chance that something bad happened to him like being deceased now?

    sorry for all of the question here, just didn't have any other way of putting it.

    good luck with your quest.

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    Not sure I would try to find him- you probably wont like what you see. But you better sure as hell find that girl a positive, loving, male role model. Because as much as I hate to say it her a** of a dad (sperm donor better?) has left a gaping hole in her heart.

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    Here I am. BUT, I was already married and had to go home. Sorry about that.

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    awww sorry to hear that. If you have his social security, & his birthday, you can do a public search.

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    you have to have a his .ss. number and you can trace him by that as well ?

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