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What is the best company to buy a custumized pc from their site? Can you give me the site too plz?

i live in Canada, and i want a site besides

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    There are several great sites out there for BTO (Build to Order) PCs. Here are a couple that I like.

    Also, a great website for finding out the cheapest prices for computers, and computer components is

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    have you ever tried downloading avast antivirus a unfastened service on your laptop on the laptop account your employing now then bypass the setup for this equipment good right into a usb stick or cd, then placed that interior the approach your laptop and set it up, then it is going to teach you what component of your laptop the virus is in and delete it for you.. if that would not artwork take it good right into a working workstation or laptop place to get it known at.. good fulfillment

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    Get on Yahoo search and look for HP Shopping!

    Good luck

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