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is it ok to not like a person for being a mama's boy? i mean a huge mama's boy. he will only see me like once very two months cuz of her. is it his fault (we r 15) ? if it is or isnt can i dislike him for it? his mom has taught him she and my mom to intervene every time me and him have a problem with eachother, my mom goes along with it i hate it so much. most 15 year olds cant stand their parents. i cant stand mine more tham most, and he just luuuuuuuvs his mom. goes everywhere with her all weekend to the most stupid places like the beauty parlor and the supermarket. its like he is 4. i cant help but find very unnatractive, i mean not as just a opposite-gender attraction thing, also just if i was to be just friends with him. his dad is gone, i dont know where but still i mean he IS a mamas boy. is that an ok xcuse can i dislike him for it can i reject him for it HELP!!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi Gift, Moma's boys' are the worse kind. He will alway's pick his mom over any girl he is interested in. Yes, it's very unattractive and his mom does all his thinking for him. Tell this guy to get out of your life ,until he can stay up to his mom.Which this will never take place. No one should ever marry a moma's boy.Your really marrying his mom.


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