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planning to get my female dog spayed.?

i wanna know that what do i have to do to take care of her before and after the surgery ?


for how long will she be anaestheatic after surgery?

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    no food after 9pm before the surgery the next am and depends on the dog sheltie could care less and never skipped a beat, my maltipoo limped for a week and worried a lot. you're doing the right thing, but it feels like you're not...but trust me, afterwards you know it was the right thing.

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    Excellent! You're being really responsible by not adding to the pet overpopulation problem.

    Before hand, you want to not feed her for 12 hours and not give her water after midnight the day before the surgery. This is so the anesthesia doesn't upset her stomach.

    Afterwards, make sure she doesn't mess with her stiches, and keep the incision site clean.

    This surgery is very routine and problems are rare, so chances are you won't have much to do, unless she tries to chew out her stiches. In that case, you could either get an e-collar (the head cone) or nasty tasting stuff to put on the incision site.

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    Like most people have said, no food or water the night before the surgery. After the surgery, also like most people said, keep the jumping to a minimum and try to catch her as she tries to lick at the stitches. You can put some Neosporin on her wounds (she will try to lick it off, but as long as its on it for a few minutes it'll help). She will be a little out of it when you pick her up and she's like mine, will need to make a b-line to go potty. Just give her lots of love and pay attention to the wound site for redness. Also if you have any concerns, don't be afraid to call your vet immediately.

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    I am not sure about before, but make sure she gets lots of rest after the procedure.

    I had a very hyper little kitten that made the task very difficult.

    If you have other animals around, I would think about segregating them; however, everyone's circumstances are different.

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    Make sure she is comfortable and has access to everything she may need.

    Also - Don't let her do too much jumping or running. Could pull on the stitches.

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    before the surgery just love her and after make sure she has a nice bed to lye one and doesn't try and get her stitches out, love her give her lots of water and some food and thats about it. thats what i did with my guy but i dunno if girls are different

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