I know it's taboo, but I think I'm falling in like with my therapist, any pros or cons? How should I procede?

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    Now this is a very interesting situation...

    I have a very close family member who is a therapist. A very good one at that....

    The funny thing is, this exact same thing happened to her quite a few years ago.. I got to tell you, her boyfriend still lays on her couch from time to time with his problems......

    Need I say more....?

    The cons on this subject would be if she didn't feel the same, you'd have to find a new therapist......

    Go with your heart my friend........People meet in all kinds of strange places nowadays....! ! !

    Good Luck Mr. Benzhowz...

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    An essential component, many therapists believe, is the feeling of "like" as you put it, or in a more taboo and direct way - "love."

    Think about it -- in all the relationships in all the world, here is someone who is truly interested in what you have to say, your experience in the world, and is committed to helping you find your way to your purpose, and achieve your potential. The therapist wants what you want -- in a sense -- that you become the person you were intended to be. Recognizing that, it 's important for you to be straight forward and reveal that to the therapist - regardless of how uncomfortable or embarrassing that might feel. Just because there is an attraction there, does not mean you'll run of with the shrink and live happily ever after. Actually, the purpose it serves is for you to explore your other relationships -- what worked, what didn't work -- what's different in the feelings you experience in this realm. Then, you can raise the bar for yourself, and know that when you do go out there in the real world, this is the standard I have for myself. I'll know a relationship is right for me, if I feel at least this level of "like". I wish you well!

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    This is very normal. It happens to a lot of people in therapy. The therapist is there for you in a way no one else will ever be. It is a normal reaction. Therapist know that this can happen. Most therapist are ethical and nothing will come of it. And if you tell them they will tell you that nothing will come of it and help you work through it. Once you are better it will go away. It is something like falling in love with your father when you are a little girl or your mother if you are a boy. It is a phase and will past.

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    It's normal to fall in love with your therapist because you spend all the time you are together dealing with you and things that are important to you. However, the therapist-client/patient relationship is a professional relationship. Your therapist is doing a job, and is (or should not be) getting personal fulfillment out of the relationship. If your therapist steps outside the boundaries of a professional relationship, he/she is doing something very wrong and is showing a willingness to take advantage of someone who is very vulnerable to them as a person and to the professional role they are fulfilling.

    You might want to bring this up with your therapist. I don't know how the therapist will deal with it as each therapist is going to be comfortable/uncomfortable with different things.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You should not proceed. This is beyond taboo, A therapist is bound by ethical and legal obligations that forbid this type of interaction. This person could lose their ability to practice. Clearly you have not been able to stay in the boundary of the therapist client relationship, i think you should proceed to end therapy with this person as soon as possible before you mess around and get him or her in SERIOUS trouble.

    Source(s): No love is worth a therapists job or reputation
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    It's normal. You feel like she's helping you coping your problem.

    Pro, if you're ready to end the therapist-client relationship. As far as I know, therapist is not allowed to have a relation with their client other than therapist-client relationship. If you do, you have to find another therapist. It's a kinda objectivity issue.

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    That is very common as the therapist appears to be a person who truly understands you. Some therapists even take advantage of the situation which is sick and unethical. Take it as a sign that you are healing, and don't act on it. Believe me, there is someone else who is better for you.

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    Be honest and tell your therapist how you feel. This is very dangerous and if he/she is ethical they will recommend someone else. If they don't do this, then find another therapist on your own.

  • grandm
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    1 decade ago

    That's definitely a problem; it will hinder your therapy! Find a new therapist!

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