Coincidence or Not a coincidence???

I was seeing ths guy and one day I text messaged him about my earrings, and then left him a voicemail explaining that i needed to know if they were at his house,because i was wearing them to go out, he text messaged me five minutes later and told me not to call him anymore, because he did not like me and that he would tell my sorority sisters about our relationship...and he would tell other people as well, and that I should know that he has a girlfriend and she is a member of my sorority(keep in mind that i did not know he had a girl,so the next day I get a call(from his best friend) who is also one of my sorority sisters calls me and invites me to an event that he was hosting? And I 'm like this is weird, because she has never called me..So What do you think was the cause of his/her behavior? do you think she knows something, or maybe he told her something,?Or was it a coincidence that she calls me asks me to go out with her after I ahdn't heard from her in over eight months?


Just to add on, when I intially text messaged me, after I asked him about the earrings, he said you didn;t thank u, that's exaclty what he text then, I asked him if he could look around at his house, I waited for a few hours and never got a response, so then I left him a voicemail, explaining that my mom gave me those earrings, and I needed them because I was going out later on that night on a date, then five minutes later I get a text message, from him saying exaclty don;t call me anymore, I asked him damn, why? what happened? and the first thing he said was , I don't likw u, and he told me that if I called hima gain, he would put my business out in the street, and he would tell all my sorority members, and then went on to say that he does have a girlfriemd,. and she is a member of my sorority...

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    I would not go just to be on the safe side. Something about that sounds off. I would be suspisious and just stay home. Come down with the sniffles and say you been vomiting or something, any excuse that can easily be portrayed and that way she cant hold it against you technically, cause you were sincerely ill. By the way, this guy sounds like a totally air head, I hope you avoid this loser, and stay safe. He's a jerk!

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    Maybe he wanted to keep the earrings to pawn or give to his girlfriend or something.Whatever the case, I don't think you are getting them back unless maybe you get a bud to kick his ---. I might be paranoid, but I would stay away from that invite. They may be setting you up for something. She didn't call out of the blue for nothing. Seems like you always hear about some weird stuff on college campuses. Just be careful, okay?

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