How much is the cellphone prepaid starter pack sold in the philippines?

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    Investing in a cell phone is critical in the Philippines if you are going to be there for any time at all. To get a good deal on a phone, I would suggest that you go to Greenbelt mall area in Manila. There is a place there with so many cell phones it is insane and the prices are great compared to everywhere else. Be sure to haggle a little, but don’t expect to get a lot off the price. I think they all try to stay competitive. You can get all price ranges of phones there. The sim card is about $3 US and you can buy just about any amount of pre-paidload you want. If you have friends there, check before you go to see if they use Smart or Globe (the two main cell phone companies). Choose a sim card based on what most of your friends use. I had Globe and most of my friends were Smart. Also, once you get there ask your friends about unlimited texting. If you don't know which one to choose or you don't have friends, I would suggest you choose Smart. Like I said, I chose Globe, but only about 8 of my friends are Globe and the rest are Smart users. Also, get the 500 peso cards because you get more free text messages with the 500 peso card.

    Finally, be sure to hide your phone and don’t flash it about especially if it is nice. Cell phone theft is HUGE in Philippines.

    Enjoy your stay in the Philippines!!!

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    Hi, smart mobile are probably the best, a sim only pack(i recommend smart buddy) will cost you 200/300php(about 5usd)

    or you can get your hands on the phone aswell starting at around 2000php(40usd) which also means you wont need fart around with adaptors to charge it. If you do get smart buddy, you can activate roaming before you leave(100php minimum balance required) bring the phone back with you, and your friends in the phils can still text you for the normal local rate of 1php instead of 15 to your international number.

    I've used globe telecom also but found smart are far more user friendly and more clued up for roaming users.

    enjoy the phils

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    It depends on the phone unit it comes with. I think the lowest would be around Php 3,000 (US$60+). If you have an open-line cellphone and you just want to buy the SIM pack, it would cost around Php120 (US$ 2+). All usually comes with Php100 or so worth of prepaid units.

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    It depends on the unit. the lowest is around P2,000+ with sim pack & free load. If sim pack only around P90 to P190 depends on the network. The cell network here are the lowest Sun Cellular and Touch Mobile. The others are Globe Telecom and Smart Telecom

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  • 1 decade ago

    if the prices are as they were when i left 6 months ago, then the average price for a prepaid sim card/starter pack is.. Php 100-200.. converted to USD, you'd spend 5 dollars the most. then you'd have to add credits to that which goes as low as P25= 50 cents usd.

  • 4 years ago

    p.c.. one out of those: clever, Globe, talk N text fabric, TM and solar cellular. For clever, they have clever youngster and clever chum. For Globe they have Globe Gizmo and Globe Starter Sim. talk N text fabric and TM do no longer produce different varieties, additionally solar cellular. Get a chum interior the Philippines to deliver the two one to you. only bear in techniques, you are able to desire to get extra cellular telephone load. you are able to no longer commence talking or texting without cellhone load. there are distinctive shops that sell cellular telephone load so which you do no longer would desire to fret plenty. you additionally can purchase pay as you go enjoying cards beginning from 50, one hundred, 3 hundred, 500 and one thousand.

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