Is this what the Evangelicals call curing a homosexual?

Okay, so now they are going to put Mr. Haggard through a spiritual "restoration" process that is supposed to take three to five years. In this process they are trying to "pray" out his gay. This is a direct quote taken from Yahoo news page from the "restoration" authority about what this therapy involves. Pay close attention:

The process includes counseling, in groups and alone, and prayer. Each restoration is unique, with a program tailored for the needs of the participant.

"From the Christian perspective, we think in terms of prayer, we think in terms of what we call godly counsel, where godly men who are clean themselves insert themselves in the life of the one who is struggling," London said.

The symbolic laying on of hands may also be a part of the recovery, London said.

Okay, back to my question, Is it just me or does this sound more like a prison rape than a "restoration"? The "clean" men "inserting" themselves in the life of the "struggling", laying on of hands?

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    It's certainly psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually abusive. For most I think an actual physical rape would be less traumatic. Not that physical rape doesn't cause trauma or tamper with one's core being or soul. But the idea that thaumaturgical means of achieving anything, but especially something that is patently impossible and isn't absolutely necessary is better and more worthwhile than a practical approach is ungodly and not what any prophet, scripture or wholesome religion teaches. I could understand clergy and other spiritually supportive individuals suggesting this type of approach for people like pedophiles or those with truly dangerous sexual impulses, in addition to real-world medical, hormonal, psychiatric treatment and simply staying away from what sets them off. But simple gay people and the intergendered have existed throughout history and have been too acquiescent and forgiving for the ways they've been treated by various fundamentalists for too long. I'm glad to see this perpetual minority coming into its own again on a global scale after several thousands of years of being trampled on.

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    They have all been fooled so far and hes out rooting and buying drugs with the collection money ...what makes you think it will be difficult to fool them that hes miraculously cured ...its called use a hooker in another state

    Way to many $$$$$$$ to let it go just cos hes gay

    wait till they see the 3 some movie he made in 1997

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    I'm sure the innuendo was unintentional... but like the other poster said, according to christian doctrine there are none who are without sin. So where are they finding "clean men"?

    Still... it's at least a step up from electroshock therapy like they used to use.

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    Well there's only two possible outcomes here: Mr. Haggard learns to accept his homosexuality and looses everything from the Church, or he kills himself.

    The truth is these groups are DANGEROUS, pure and simple.

    NOT one of them has ever sucessfully "cured" any homosexual. Why? Because there's nothing to be "cured" of.

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    Yes it does sound a bit scary. My question is - is this something he has requested? Even as a Christian I'm not convinced that the problem is not so much gender preference as it is not acting upon it. We must never force or victimize others no matter what our gender preference. Therein lies the greater sin.

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    Sounds fishy to me too. I would like to know what the heck they mean by Clean Men...when their own bible says that there are none without sin.

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    no it sound like you have a sick mind, which is what is wrong with Mr Haggard, and most homosexuals, there is a 1% that is borne with a sexual defect, not their choice , but the other 99% is a choice, which equals out to a sick mind, its like any other sickness, you can choose help or be sick,you can go on a diet or be fat,you can take drugs or not,you can have sex with a child or not ,you can keep your hand out of someones pocket book or steal, it all boils down to ,doing the right thing even though you want the other persons money,you don't take it,its called morals,doing the right thing instead of doing what everyone of your friends or doing,or doing something to fit in or trying to be cool,it called being civilized,not acting like sex crazed wild animals

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    Yeah, those crazy cracks me up that they honestly believe you can be "cured" of homosexuality

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    I was "healed" as a teenager.

    I thank God daily that this lunacy doesn't work.

    Source(s): If it ain't broke ya can't fix it.
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    I think you really do have a sick take on the words.

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