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How will therapy help me get over a broken heart?

I've lost the man of my dreams....it is fueling my depression, but I don't see how therapy can take away the pain of my heart being ripped out from my chest and stomped on.

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    Therapy will make you aware of the grieving process and help you to understand that what you are going through is normal and natural and something that almost everyone has gone through at one time or another. You are not alone. Everyone has lost someone or something that was important to them. The first step is acceptance that he is gone. Then there may be anger that he wasted a year of your life, but therapy will be a safe place to deal with all these emotions and help you to get over it quickly and move on to bigger and better things. Perhaps you still gained some good things along the way, like a heightened spiritual awareness and a better relationship with God. Hold on to that to get you through this temporary setback.

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    been there and done that, it's hard at first but when youbegin to trust your psychiatrist they can help get over it by showing you it's not necessarily the loss of the person but a piece of yourself that you have grown attached to. This means that there is a missing link and that it has to be filled. Find an activity or hobby to occupy your mind and if that doesnt help then think of everything you gain by them being gone. More time, money and freedom. Something better in your life will come along and know that other peole do love you. Think of this, if he left you then he probably doesnt deserve you. You are better off without him and one day he will look back and realize what he lost. Don't let someone get you down and end up letting your life spiral out of control. Instead take initiative to improve your life more than you could with him. Focus on your career or school, friends and family. Learn from the depression and realize that it's only a state of mind. If you change your opinion about the situation then your life can be much richer and fuller. Learn and improve. Yes people are hurtful and only consider themselves in most cases. Hell the girl id been dating for 3 years sent me a dear "john" email while i was deployed in iraq and shortly after i was injured and am now an amputee, but i have so many more roads open to me now that i have to look to the future and determine whether i want to be disgruntled veteran always angry and depressed or teach to others what ive learned and help them along their own paths in life. It's a state of mind, what would you rather be, happy and confident or sad and misserable. It's your choice but just remember that the longer you let it control you then longer it will take to get over it.

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    There is only one tested and proved cure for a broken heart, and that is 'time'. Time heals, is something I would not have believed during the first few days, or months of my heart break, but then it did anyway. I felt it ridiculous when someone said ''time would heal'', cos' i thought my feelings were the strongest, and nothing could change that, not even time. But sure time did. It feels funny when i look back, I would just snap at anyone who said ''time would heal, dont worry, this will pass''....and now, I dont even think about it. I sometimes go over the pain once in a while to see if it really does pain, and to see if time really did heal, but apart from a bit of nostalgia, i do not feel anything. I find that strange, but I simply smile over it and feel good that the pain that i felt, did not control my life for ever. Yes, but when it happened, I can relate to the heart being ripped, and chest being stomped on feeling....

    And that is the only best cure for a broken heart. Therapy may help you in terms of letting your thoughts, feelings out over to someone who would listen, and possibly some sort of cure over your mental state....to relax, and to take things easy. But I always vote on time. You have to just steer clear away from anything thats associated with the person who have hurt you. You have to really understand that you are really really special, and you could be the woman of someone's dreams somewhere. Things went sour, it pains, and obviously positive thinking may not happen at once. For positive thoughts to come in you, you have to first let all the negativity to go out, and you know how you can do that ? You could cry, cry and cry, talk to your best freind, scream, shout, sit alone, and cry some more.....shut yourself away from everyone for just a bit of time....but then you'll see that you are really getting out of it. And then everything is in your own hands. Do things bizzare to get out of it, like shopping, going out to a restaurant which is really expensive, you cant afford, but go anyway. Meet new people, join groups, and enjoy being single. That is one of the positive things about you right now, that you are single and absolutely free to think on your own...not associate it with anyone else....

    So, things are bad now, but iam sure it would get better...let us know how u survived through the pain, and go ahead with the therapy...as you said, it cannot take the pain away, but it could let something out of you, meanwhile let the good old ''Time'' work on you. I am sure it will.

    good luck..

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  • hls
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    Therapy can help you regain your ability to communicate with others and can help you move more quickly and thoroughly through the grieving process caused by the failed relationship.

    It is sort of like having a doctor set a broken bone...it heals quicker, straighter, and stronger. Same is true for your broken psyche.

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    You can learn relaxation techniques, you can talk to someone who is on your side (the counselor) and won't be like your friends who say things, like he was not good anyway, but you still think he was. You can cry, evaluate, etc. The counselor is trained to hear what you are saying and react in ways that will help you. Mine also made useful suggestions for combatting the depression. If you see one counselor who you don't click with, just don't go back to him or her, find another.

    Good luck, sorry for your sadness. Been there....

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    First is to interrupt it further that doesn't go away you any feeling of pains of her/ his memory. Logically it grew to become into solid that it occurred before and in time previously you began dreaming approximately your existence along with her in destiny. in the concerns of coronary heart ruin thoughts play an damaging function of a villain hurting you further. Be sensible and make up your innovations to forget the completed episode as a trifle affair of no importance. yet in no way bask in heavy ingesting, get hooked on drugs and so directly to forget it.

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    the source of your healing comes from you, not what someone else tells you. be brave and courageous and make a stand for your life and how fantastic you are. you can do it, you made it this far didn't you?

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    It will let out the frustration, the hurt, and any other emotion you have bottled up inside.

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    Men are SOMETHING , aren't they?

    Don't let the devil keep rolling it around and around in your head.

    Stop the thought of him before you finish it. You can get used to it. Believe me!

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