I think I might ask this girl out.?

I was talking to the girls friend, and she told me to ask her out because she likes me. Then she asked if I was gonna call the girl and ask her now. I said no, I would rather ask her out to her face. When i said this the girls friend kinda said "Oh...okay" but she sounded like she thought i was weird for wanting to do this....or like it suprised her. Anyways, my question his, how do girls liked to be asked out, what do they like most. Also, my other question is, is when a guy or girl is mouthing and insulting your girlfriend, what do I do?Or, If a guy is hitting on her, what do i do. I cant really get physical and fight a guy because im not really...strong, I'd get the **** kicked outta me. This would be my first real relationship.

by the way, im 16 and a sophmore. The girl is a freshman. Just letting you know.

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    My advice is focus on going to college and getting a good job because you will have plenty of time to get serious with women. I know from experience that if you get tied down when your young it is a struggle. You can call her if you want and ask her out and just remember she is just like you wanting to find someone so don't be so nervous about it. Just take things slow and make sure and be very picky and don't just except anyone because you are lonely. There are plenty of jerks out there and if they are making you uncomfortable when your girl is around then they may not be as good of a friend as you think they are. You can make new ones. Oh and if your not ready to be a father make sure that you wear a condom, they make them for a good reason. Trust me!

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    dear goldyglockz,

    as a 14 year old girl, i know some girls will play hard to get. however, if u have enough charisma and charm to please this girl, she might be willing to go out with u.

    some boys will probably jump from rock to rock getting to the girl so that they can wait until they finally have the courage to ask her out. maybe u can just go up to her and say "i mentioned before that i would ask u out in fromt of ur face, but thats because i like u so much, i was gonna burst, heheh."

    of course its not nice when a guy tries to steal ur girl, especially when u struggled to work ur way towards her heart. dont deal with the guys, deal with the girl.if she finds u more appealing than the guy whos hitting on her, im sure u will win her heart easily. eventually, the guys will keep hitting on her until he gives up, knowing that ur relationship is unbreakable.

    i hope i helped.

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    You failed to mention if you actually like this girl or not. If you don't like her then don't ask her out only because she likes you. Different girls liked to be asked out different ways. If you do go out with this girl and someone hits on her then just tell the dude to back off. if he gets physical just walk way. If she wants someone who'll physically fight for her then she's with the wrong guy.

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    well. just ask her out. dont do it any special way for the first "date".

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