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does anybody own a fusic phone??? here?

yeah I bought a fusic phone and I jus wanted to know if anybody could tell me how to downlaod music on the phone, does anybody know how???

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    If you have Windows XP you do not need any software at all. Easy!

    1) Put USB cable into computer and phone.

    2) Do not install any software or allow windows to look for software, cancel out of any software installation windows.

    3) Just take your phone and go to tools # (USB Flash Drive)

    Say yes to calls will be disabled.

    You will notice it says DO NOT disconnect the cable or the card.

    4) Upload songs to media directory on the memory card. You will find that a new hard drive will appear in your window.

    5) DO NOT remove the cable when you are done. Use the Safetly Remove Hardware Icon in the area near your clock. Left click the icon and select your drive when you are done, this should return your phone back to normal condition. If it does then remove your cable.

    Worked for me with no issues email me if you run into problems. And the Radio Shack guy is wrong the phone does not come with software. I have yet to find free software for the contact lists too and can not seem to find paid one either.

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    Sprints new Fusic Phone is one of the best media players around when it comes to cell phones. Most everything is already built into the system. By using it's "data cable" that came with the phone, you can easily hook up to your computer. The Fusic also comes with an installation cd that installs it's software program onto your computer. In it's folder, you'll see the area where your favorite downloaded songs will be sent. You'll then be able to just drag and drop those songs or simply copy them to the phone by using the programs software. It's very well set up and easy to use. Hope this helps. It sure helps me to sell a lot of Fusic Phones to my customers hehe. Larry RadioShack 01-9590

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    yea, i work at Sprint and i also have the phone, theres no software with it.instead of hookin the phone up to the computer, i use my memory card adapter (i had one from my Nextel i870) and put the card in there...but its the same idea as the USB cable: you'll see an extra folder, drag and click, etc....

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    I even have the Samsung E900. the main annoying characteristic of Samsung telephones is which you will no longer substitute the message alert tone, you are able to basically use the default tones that are somewhat annoying. i don't be attentive to if fthe x830 is an identical yet i think of it's going to be. different than that they are stable telephones.

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    go to media, and then press download music. you need a wireless connection convection activity.

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