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Why is Queen Daphne Avoiding a match with me? Is she afraid of losing her belt to me?

I'm getting fed up with the weak competiion that i been getting. I beat up Lohan & beat up the Olsen Twins i beat up paris hilton & i destroyed Angelina Jolie & i destroyed Queen Daphne herelf which is why she's avoiding me like the plague. You can't hide behind King Cookie forever. My lord Kim Jongll has bought me here for a reason. And that's to win the Wwe women's title from that skank Queen Daphne. Daphne I'm calling you out. I want a match & i want it soon. Will you accept? I'll be waiting for your answer. Long Live my Lord kim Jongll & North Korea.

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    Why dont you just get yourself involved in a handicap match? Lohan, Olsen Twins, Angelina Jolie and Queen Daphne will team up to go against you.

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    be careful what you wish for. calling out QUEEN DAPHNE will get you the beating you so deserve. smile when you lose.....

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    ???... right

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